Berdell's Narrative
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The following was taken from an account that Berdell Fuller wrote on December 12, 1978 about her father’s parents, brothers, and sisters.

“My grandfather’s name was Perry Fuller. My grandmother’s name was Mary Jane (Bearden) Fuller. They had a lot of children. I only knew a couple of them. They were: Othello, Moses, Frank, Alice, Lawrence, Charlie, Samuel, Willie, and Lillie..

Charlie married Molly Gamble of Bessemer City, NC. That’s where he lived and died. His children were: Ethel, John, Mamie, Frank, Haskell, Samuel, Walter, Elizabeth, and Ruth. Mamie died 2 weeks ago. I think Ruth is the only one left.

Aunt Lillie married William (Bill) Jenkins. They had four children: Bessie, Charlie, a girl named Willie, and Harry. Uncle Bill was a blacksmith by trade. He had a lot of real estate. In fact, the town of Gastonia, NC is built on his property. He sold it for the town. He kept one square block for himself. He built a beautiful home (mansion) for them on Marietta Street. He also had a lovely home in the country.

Uncle Lawrence was married twice. His first wife was Lou Julian. They had two daughters, Maude and Mary. I never knew them. They migrated to Imperial California after their mother died. Maude married bill Donovan. They had no children. Mary married Will Land. I think they had two girls. For some reason, Maude taken an overdose of some kind of drug and died. I think it was 1916. Not sure. Mary her family moved to Atlanta, GA. She visited my sister Mary a few years before Mary died. Uncle Lawrence’s second wife was named Lizzie, they came to our house when I was small. They had two children at that time: Wilburn and Mae Belle. They were on their way to a little town called Oats, SC in Darlington County. They settled there and had more children. I don’t know how many, we never saw them again. Aunt Lizzie had a club foot.

Now for my daddy’s children: Mary married Walter Edward Meetze. They had four children: Myrtle Mae, Lillie Belle, Robert Edward, and Matthew Gerald.

Cleve married Fannie DeHines. No children.

Belle married Robert Hedegpath (Bob). Their children were: Robert Lee (deceased), Henry Lewis (he died young), James Cauthen (he was stillborn), Murray Clifton, Marvin Ausbon, Willie Carl, Lillie Belle (deceased), Jane Elizabeth (Jean), Doris Berdell, and Mildred Lucille.

Lee married Lottie Louise DeHines. Their children were: Louis Lee, Nellie Kate, J. W., George Francis (deceased), Catherine Louise, Robert Earl, Herman Randolph, Claude Marion, Dorothy Elizabeth, James Hammond, and Thomas Julian (deceased).

Berlie married Zula Stribble. Their children were: Martha (deceased), Margie, George, Elise, Paul (P. K.), Bobbie Jean, Kenneth (Kimp), Elden (Woodie), and Lavenia Ann (Punk).

Blanche married Loddie John Watson. Their children are Loddie, Jr., Elizabeth Jane, Margaret Ann.

Carl married Ola Cline. Their Children: Carl Jr., Judy Ann, and James Edward (Jimmy).

Clarence married Edna Berley. Their children are: Edith Lorraine,. Ernest Ray, Bobby O’Merle, Sarah Ann, and Grady Carroll.

Glenn married a German nurse named Helen. That’s all I can say... We have never seen her.

Glenn and I had no children. “thank the Lord””