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Bethel Baptist Church

Organized 1840


Bethel Baptist Church was organized September 29th, 1840 by Revs. Daniel Mangum and Thomas Frean. This church is on the Holley Ferry Road (now Bethel Church Road), six and a half miles south of the town of Prosperity, in Newberry County. It was supplied with preaching by the Rev. D. Mangum and other ministers, as missionaries, irregularly, until about the year 1852. At that time Revs. A. W. Asbill and A. P. Norris held a protracted meeting and received several members, when the church called Rev. A. W. Asbill as pastor, the duties of which office he faithfully discharged until the year 1867, sixteen years in succession.

Since 1867 the church has been supplied by the following named ministers as pastors: Revs. John Barry, W. T. Farrow, N. N. Burton, J. M. Norris, L. O’Neall, M. D. Padgett, W. B. Elkins, R.W. Seymour, Joab Edwards, N. B. Williams, J. D. Huggins, and H. T. Smith.

Many other preachers have served this church, from time to time, but not as pastors. This church has set apart four of her members to exercise their gifts in the ministry. This church has elected only three clerks, viz., Mark Waites, who served to 1848, D. R. King, to 1874, and A. J. Long, who is now clerk, August 1892.


This article was from c1892. I have no idea what publication. I found it in things I got from Rachel that Crystal had made copies of from the church while she served as secretary. It was probably from a Southern Baptist publication, or one for the Reedy River Association.


Bethel Church Records



Recently I ran across the church records for Bethel at the library at Furman University on microfilm. I requested the Richland County library to borrow them and they have. I have begun reading through the 110 pages of transcribed records looking for entries pertaining to the Long, Baker, and Dickert families.

Some of the more interesting entries:


October the 22nd 1842 The church met according to adjournment and opened a door for Experience and Rec’d Brother Melton Simons, brother of S. M. Simons being a member of the Bethel Church and a candidate for the Minister.

November 25, 1842 Church met according to adjournment the case of Brother Simons being brought before the church by Brother Daniel Mangum the Church duly considered him a fit subject for the minister so called to Ordination.

October the 26th 1845 Church met when our beloved brother Mark Waits and his wife Mahala hath applied to us for a letter and it was granted. We have a case of reference a charge against Polly King for adultery that is to be tried and a charge against Wm Workman or drunkenness.

August Saturday August the 8th 1846 Church met and took up the case of reference of Mary King and nominated John Fulmer to go and labor with her, then took up the case of S M Simons and expelled him from the church, then appointed delegates to represent us in the next association we therefore appointed John Fulmer, Wm Workman, and P R King. (Remember last year Workman was tried in the church for being a drunk)

August 25th 1855 appointed Wm. T. Dickert delegate to Reedy River Association.

October 25th 1856 Church met in conference and taken up the case of Bro J. W. Tolbert and excluded him for Drunkenness and profane swearing.

1854 Caroline Watson and Wm T Dickert expelled from church.

July 30th 1857 Bro. Belton Long was baptized (WHH Long’s brother)

July 29th 1859 Sister Mary Long was baptized.

March 20th 1860 Brother Belton Long departed this life.

July 27th 1860 Restored Wm T Dickert to favor again. Sarah Long, Nancy Long, Elizabeth Dickert, Dedrick Senn, Mary Senn, O A Dickert, Francis Dickert was baptized.

August 25th 1860 Sister Polly Long was baptized.

August 28th 1867 Baptized Brother Wm H Long, Br John Dominick, and Sisters Cansada Long, Mary Sheppard and Marcilla Dominick. Wm H Long named alternate delegate.

Feb 25th 1872 Elected delegates to the L Duncan’s Creek WH Long, OA Dickert, HM Dominick together with our deacons.

June 22nd 1872 accepted a charge brought up against Br T Boozer of immorality chosen Bros B Cromer, OA Dickert, and BL Dominick to labor with him.

July 31st 1872 Baptized AJ Long, Mary J Long, Elizabeth Albritton, Miss R E Connelly, and Christina Dominick.

June 1874 Sister Mary Long departed this life April 15 1879 aged 77 yrs

August 18th 1879 Willie Long baptized. Caroline Watson restored. George W Long, Belton Long joined church. Nancy Long baptized.

November 12th 1881 Wm Long was appointed to have his stove put up in the church.

January 8th 1882 Delegates JC Banks, BR Long, WH Long, JB Stockman, and GW Long.

January 22nd 1882 Mrs. Emer Baker baptized.

October 28th 1886 Brady Long and George Dickert baptized.

Church List

 July 30th 1857

William Dickert            Expelled         

Belton Long

October 1859

Mary Long

July 1860

Sarah Long

Nancy Long

Elizabeth Dickert Shirey

O A Dickert

Francis Dickert

August 26th 1860

William Dickert            Dismissed

Polly Long

September 22nd 1866

Wm H Long                 Excluded


Miss R E Connelly

August 25th 1872

James L Connelly


Sarah Ann Connelly

Mary Long                   Dead

Sarah Long

Nancy Long

O A Dickert                 Dismissed

Francis Dickert            Dismissed

Cansada Long              Dismissed

Miss R E Connelly            Expelled

December 9th 1883

Elizabeth Shirey            Dismissed

July 27th 1876

Frances Connelly

August 27th 1876

Laura Dickert               Dismissed

Carrie Dickert              Dismissed

Henry Dickert

George Y Dickert

Susan E Dickert

September 29th 1879

Louisa Long/Cameron

Nanie Long

William H Long

Willie Long

Belton R Long

George W Long

Mott Gary Long

John A Baker

O A Dickert

James T Dickert Dead   

Emer Baker

Sallie Long

Sallie L Dickert

A Benedict Dickert Dead                            (Asa Bennie Dickert)

George S Dickert

Brady L Long  

September 22nd 1888

Carrie Dickert              Expelled

September 22nd 1888 Then taken up the charge against Sister Carrie Dickert the charge being adultery, and the church withdrew fellowship from her.

October 13th 1889 Investigated church roll to see who were delinquent and had not attended church or given to the church…voted to take members James Albritton, Willie Albritton, his wife, WH Long Sr., Mary D Hunter, Whit Tolbert, George Langford, Texanna Hite off the rolls. Excluded Jefferson D Holly from the church for drunkenness and profanity. 

Dismissed By Letter


W T Dickert

George A Dickert


Elizabeth Shirey


Cansada Holston (Long)


Bethel Deaths

Bro Belton Long died March the 20 1860

June 21st 1874 Sister Polly Long departed this life

Sister Mary Long departed this life April 5th 1879 aged 77 years

Sister Nancy E Long departed this life Sept 16th 1883 aged 17/y/2/m/1/d

Brother A B Dickert departed this life June 4th 1891

1892 May 21st The church agrees for the collection to be raised on tomorrow to go to Bro. O A Dickert, our Bro. Who had his household kitchen furniture nearly all burnt a few days ago.

Church List

Larsson (Lawson Baker)

Mat (Motte) Baker               Dead

Ida Baker now Long   

Lela (Leila) Baker               Died    

Ida Baker                                 9/8/1908


Sarah Ann Connelly

Nancy Long

Francis Connelly


Willie H Long elected Secretary and Treasurer