November, 5, 2011

WOW! Has it REALLY been nearly three years since I updated this? Time flies doesn't it?

At any rate, it has been a crazy couple of years. Life changes, more family members passing, and finding more family connections and information.

I have neglected my research for a while, but I have managed to get all my papers and copies sorted and filed. Great success there! I have uncovered more information on the Jones Fuller family of Atlanta, and out of the blue one day, got an email from the guy who is archiving and scanning all the Sailor's Snug Harbor records. He provided me with scans of the entry application and death information for Samuel Fair Fuller, my g-great uncle on my mother's paternal side.

On more somber notes, all of the family members on all sides of my grandparent's generation have now gone on. There is a whole wealth of information that is gone.....if it wasn't shared, it's now lost forever. 

A few months ago, I was able to connect to some members of the Baker branch of my tree, that I never knew anything about. It pays to scour the obituaries every morning. You never know who you may run across that connects to your tree. That was the case with this particular Baker branch.....hopefully more information can be shared and gathered. The particular lady who passed away was the niece of my father's paternal grandmother. Her father passed away when she was a small child. I never knew what became of his family, and then one day, BAM, there in the obits was his daughter. I have been in contact with her children, grandchildren and a niece. Also there is one surviving sibling. I hope to meet with her at some point. I have a large framed portrait of their father as a young man in my living room that they have never seen. I was able to share some photos with them.....made me feel good to know that I was able to provide them something new.

Hopefully, I will be better at maintaining this blog going forward.

Let me hear from you!

February 8, 2009

Been a while since I blogged. It has been crazy at work and I have been trying to get some organizing done around the house. I need to have a yard sale...ugh,....I dread the thought. 

Today is my birthday and I am feeling all of my 48 years. UGH. Went home to see the folks...did my usual parental visit thing....falling asleep on the couch and taking a long nap. I'd probably still be asleep there if the cramp in my leg hadn't woke me up....see what I mean about feeling the age? Something about going home just gets me all relaxed and I always end up taking a nap. Guess it is just that warmness of being in a comforting place that's well familiar.  Anyway, my birthday present to myself, I think, is going to be a mahogany secretary I've had my eye on for the last month. Getting it means something else has to go, but I already have a plan in place for that.

Still working on digging in the trees.  I ordered and received a couple new books of census information and a CD showing the 1820-1850 census' from Meriwether County GA. The books are scans of the 1850 census of Lexington and Fairfield Counties in SC. I will start pouring through them next week sometime.

Unusually warm today,...high near 70...that means it will probably be in the teens again in a week. and I'll probably get sick....again. I hate this weather. The poor jonquils are confused.....they are starting to bloom in places already. I wish just once that damn groundhog would predict a shorter winter. I don't think he ever has in my lifetime, at least that I can remember.


January 27, 2009

I got my new toy today. I have been wanting a GPS unit to use when I go out on my cemetery expeditions and I finally broke down and bought one! Now I can't wait to get 'in the road' and try it out. Hopefully it will help me find some cemeteries that I have the coordinates for and just can't seem to find once I get into the general location. It will also calm my fears about getting lost in strange woods....not to mention setting my mother's mind at ease. 

I am currently compiling a list of coordinates for cemeteries I want to visit, then I can sort them down into areas that are adjacent and plan my excursions out. It's going to be so much fun!

I had some success helping a lady in New York this week. She was tracking a great grandfather's parentage. She knew his father was a slave at one point. I sent her copies of the slave schedules I could find. A day later, I spoke with her again, found her great grandfather's death certificate and BINGO! There were the names of his parents. She was elated to find this out. The death certificate shows the cemetery he was buried in and there is no survey online, so I offered to take some photos next time I go to that area to snoop around. Feels good to be able to help someone find some answers.

I am still pondering the fate of the newspaper clipping issue. I have about decided to scan them all to image files and then burn them on CD's to whoever wants one. That way I don't have to keep up with what surnames go to what email addresses, etc.

I have got to  get more organized! That is my goal this year.


January 23, 2009

Ok, so I heard back from the people who hold the records for Sailor's Snug Harbor..... They are currently readying the records to make them available to the 6-9 months. They haven't decided yet whether or not they will be available online. Oh well.....what's another 8 months or so to wait. Maybe by this time next year I will have that piece to the puzzle.

My next quest will be wills, wills, and more wills. I have copied many from the State I just have to start pouring through them looking for details. Hopefully I will get them transcribed and posted under the family headings which they belong. 

The newspaper clippings dilemma....the president of the Old Edgefield County Genealogical Society has graciously offered the use of their high speed scanner to aid in the progress. I may have to take them up on it. I am also toying with the idea of just simply photocopying them, once they are sorted, and putting them in some sort of book form to make available for anyone who wants to purchase one for the cost of copying and mailing. Not trying to profit from it, just trying to think how they can be the most useful. I have a spiral binder, so I can bind them myself at very little cost. Still have to think that one through as it would be a major undertaking.....hmmmm. I did a family book last year for the Long/Baker reunion and it ended up being about 115 pages and a LOT of work,...of course I enjoyed every minute of it...working on it for almost 5 years until I finally came up with something I liked. I also have done one for the Fuller/Stribble side but have only printed one copy at this point. I need to decide how I want to go forward with that....then maybe I will consider doing on that covers all of my major branches...who knows....depends on many much time I have, how bad my hands hurt from typing, and how bad my vision gets staring at this screen.....speaking of which, I need to print another copy of the Long book and send it to NY.

Lots to think about.......

January 20, 2009

UGH. Trying to deal with the NY Archives Research Dept is like finding teeth in a chicken! I have been unsuccessfully trying to find information on my great grandfather Fuller's brother Samuel. I know a couple things about him....he was born in Columbia in 1858, in 1920 he was listed in the census as incarcerated in Sing Sing Prison in NY, and in the 1930 census, he was a resident of the old Sailor's Snug Harbor Home in Staten Island, NY. I am trying to find out why he was in Sing Sing, when he was sent there, when he died, and where he is buried. Snug Harbor relocated to NC in the 1970's and all the tombstones were removed and put into storage: I cannot fathom this. So begins the saga....I contact the Archives because they hold the prisoner lists from 1870 through 1970. Get this....they can't find anything unless I know when he was convicted, why, from where, and for what, unless I have his prisoner number. HELLO,....if I knew all that I wouldn't be asking for their help. Next I wrote to the new Snug Harbor to ask about the records....they don't hold them, but were gracious enough to forward my email to the people who do have them. I am waiting to hear something now.

On a more somber note, one of my Grandmother Fuller's last living siblings passed away today. Paul Ruth Stribble was 89 years old... just a few months short of her 90th birthday. I always loved seeing Aunt Ruth, even though it wasn't a common thing. She was always so pleasant and loving. I never remember seeing a hair out of place...always very well dressed. A very sweet lady. I know Uncle Shep will probably grieve himself to death. She had vision problems and he has hearing problems.... she was his ears and he was her eyes. She will be missed by many. Hopefully I can attend the funeral tomorrow if the weather isn't bad.

Speaking of weather,.. it snowed a little today....not enough to stick, but everyone freaked out and cancelled school. A friend called and asked if we were making snow angels which I replied,...'nah, there's not enough snow, so we're making 'dirt angels' instead.

I have recently inherited a huge box of newspaper clippings ranging from the 30's to the 50's. Most of these involve people in Saluda County, South Carolina with some from Newberry County. It is going to be a long process to organize them. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do it....but I will get it done....eventually. There are a lot of articles about local boys killed in  WWII with headlines like 'Captain Forrest Killed By Japs'. Try to publish a headline like that today. Most of the articles are wedding and death announcements. It's gonna be a major project.

I did a little searching on Henri Chappelle American Military Cemetery in Belgium, trying to find out more about it since my namesake, Ashley C. Long is buried there. I came across a memorial to another relative who was shot down and who's body was never recovered: Olin Lake Bundrick. His name is listed on one of the memorial pillars. There are 12 pillars in the main building and each side represents one of the 48 states in existence during the war. Listed are the missing in action soldiers for that state. I never heard anyone ever mention this and are not sure if they even know it exists. Kinda neat.

January 17, 2009

Okay, so I am going to try and do this....create a blog of my research and random thoughts on what I find.

It's been so cold here the last couple days, I've been holed up in the house working online on the site and my research. Ancestry has recently posted online images for death certificates for North and South Carolina. WOW....what a time saver that more pouring through microfilm at the archives or requesting copies from DHEC.  One copy costs 12 dollars so the ancestry subscription alone pays for two copies!  I have been able to fill in many gaps on many ancestors. I just wish they had started keeping records sooner. Kind of scary to see what kind of medical issues are in the old genes.

I have been communicating with many new found cousins due to this website. If it has done nothing else, has brought some great people into my life that I would have otherwise never known existed. Most of my communication has been with a cousin on my Long side, Cully, who lives in New York City. We connected about a year ago, and strangely we have more in common than just our genes. Hopefully he will make his annual trek to SC this summer and we can meet in person and share more information.

My main focus right now is filling in as many gaps as I can and sharing as much documentation  as possible.  My biggest challenge is to find someone in my Fuller tree that may have some photos of my great great grandfather, Perry W Fuller and his children.  One of Perry's sons, Samuel, particularly piques my interest since discovering he spent a good deal of time in Sing Sing Prison, and lived at the old Snug Harbor Sailor's Home after his release. Hopefully Cousin Cully can check out the cemetery at Snug Harbor for me this spring and will find some more out about him. Once I get some definate dates, maybe I can finally find out what he was incarcerated for.

Only time will tell.................


Those of you who stumble across this site and are connected to any of my branches, PLEASE email me and share any old photos or information you may have. Thank you in advance.