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In 1716, Nicholas Bundrick was born.  The name was, Bunderick, Bondrock, Bondrick, etc.  The family originally came from Switzerland.  They lived in Hornbach, a village near Zweibrucken, Germany.

Johann Jacob Bundrick, a weaver in Steinhausen, died 18 July 1723.  His wife was Anna Catharina.  They were parents of Carl Bundrick.

Carol / Carl Bundrick  married 10 November 1716 to Maria Barbara Fryer.  Their children were all christened in the Roman Catholic Church.

I. John Nicholas Bundrick, born 15 September 1717 (see family below)

II. Elizabeth Barbara Bundrick, born 30 June 1720

III. Maria Catherine Bundrick, born 29 September 1722

IV. Anna Maria Bundrick, born 28 October 1725

Nicholas Bundrick, a Palatine, came from Rotterdam via Cowes, England to Philadelphia on the ship “Friendship”.  He arrived 12 October 1741 and was 26 years old.  Strassburger gives him on 3 passenger lists as:

Nicholas Bundrigg, age 25 Nicholas (N) Buntree   Nicklas (N) Bundry

The above date is also the date of his Oaths of Allegiance to the Government.

Nicholas married in Monocacy Church in Frederick, MD on 22 April 1744 to Anna Maria Mullerin (Miller).  This information came from the MD Hall of Records.  At Frederick, MD, Nicholas got a license to keep a “Public House”, dated 24 February 1749.  He had a mortgage and some other court records. 

From a book, “THIS WAS THE LIFE”,  excerpts from Judgement Records of Frederick County, MD, 1748 – 1765, by Millard Milburn Rice are (2) items:

(1) Mary Macknaul on the tenth day of February 1750 stole and carried away goods and chattels of Nicholas Bundrick.  She was tried by jury and found guilty.  She had to make restitution and was given five lashes on her bare back.

(2) George Valentine Matzger sued Nicholas Bunderick for money owed to Matzger.  Bunderick had “removed in a secret manner from the place of his abode”.  They seized all his goods and chattels, then made an appraisal.  It was determined he had not run away and they had to make restitution.  Another fellow, Michael Reisner, also sued Bunderick with the same results.  Not dated.  The following from a book, not named.

Jury duty, Frederick County, MD:  George Gordon vs Thomas Willet.  Jurors (early 1751) included Nick Bundrick.

March 1751 Court: Nicholas Bundrick, merchant of Frederick County. to appear to answer complaint of Daniel Jessarang.

Same court & date: Nicholas Bundrick, merchant of Frederick County, otherwise known as Nicholas Bundrick, of Prince Georges County, to answer the complaint of Jacob Collyday, to whom Bundrick owed money.  On 13 April 1748, Bundrick made note with Collyday but later failed to pay.  Another entry of same says “ Bundrick, formally of Prince Georges County” 

Note of Nicholas Bundrick, merchant of Fred. County, to Osburn Sprigg, county sheriff on 23 November 1749. Wit: Reverdy Gheselin.  Sprigg died and Rachel Sprigg, Exec and widow filed a complaint on 26 March 1750 that Bundrick had failed to repay the note.

March Court 1751: Nicholas Bundrick, inn holder of Frederick County, to appear & answer complaint of Deval Shaver to whom Bundrick owed money.  On 30 October 1749 Bundrick borrowed money from Shaver and refused to repay the note.

John Richardson and Nicholas Bundrick, farmers of Frederick County made note on 18 May 1748 to John Middagh and Wm Barrick.  They failed to pay and a complaint was filed 17 January 1749.


Nicholas went straight down “THE GREAT WAGON ROAD” where he appears in another Court Record.  This one is a Bill of Sale.  On 15 April 1754, Nicholas Bundrick, carpenter, of Augusta County, VA, sold one brown mare and one black mare with a film over one of it’s eyes to Valentine Hauselman of Frederick County, MD.

From their ages in various census records, we assume that Frederick Charles Bundrick was born between 1755 and 1760.  John “B” Bundrick was born 1760 to 1763 when their Mother died.  (If Nicholas married in 1744 – why aren’t there more children)?

From the NC State Library we have cemetery records of Forsyth County, NC, Volume V:  A. M. Bundrich, a married woman, died 1763 and was buried in a cemetery established for burial of non-Moravians near Winston-Salem NC.

On 16 May 1763, when he was about 46 years old, Nicholas got 1,386 acres of land in the “McCulloch Tract”.  This Orange County, NC land was granted by a Lord’s Proprietor to more than one person (illegally) and whoever got there first had to defend it to keep it.  There is a large book at the NC Archives on just the McCulloch Tract.


Good ole Nicholas was “on the road again”.  He removed himself to South Carolina and left these NC Court Records:

*August 1763 John Oliver, garnishee of Nicholas Pundrick, said he only had 5 shillings, 7 pence in his hands

*August 1763 Andrew Campbell vs Nicholas Pendrake, order attached, defendant-no Show

*May 1764 Conrad Strader vs Nicholas Burndrake,  “”              “           “              “

*May 1764 James Fruit  vs Nicholas Burndrake,     ditto

*May 1764 John Graves vs  Nicholas Bundrake        ditto

(No wonder they couldn’t find him – they couldn’t spell his name!

Nicholas came to South Carolina about 1765 with at least 2 sons, Frederick Charles Bundrick and John B. Bundrick.  We never found any land granted to Nicholas in SC. (maybe we just never found the right spelling).  He was, however, listed as adjoining landowner when 3 other tracts were granted:

*23 October 1767 James Dougherty got 100a adj: Nicholas Pendrake, Colson (Gallman), Shigler (Carroulus Siegler), and Jacob Sligh.

*12 March 1772 Anthony Rets got 200a adj: Nicholas Buntrick,  Joh Geo Bessner (?Risinger), Oldrick Lights & Jacob Haglow.

*June 1773 George Lightsey got 40a adj: Nicholas Buntrok, Nicholas Seagler and Faight Risinger.

John Jacob Leitzeinger got an original land grant of 300a on 27 August 1751.  It was surveyed 20 November 1749.  His Council Journal petition was 16 October 1749.  He had a wife & 4 children, not named.  In his LWT in Lex District dated 15 May 1816 he names a daughter Mary, wife of George Bundrick.  He also had sons: David, John & Adam Leitsey.  On 20 November 1770, Nicholas Bundrick and George Leitsey had 100a of the original 300, surveyed for Frederick Charles Bundrick.  We think Leitsey & Leitzeinger are the same name.

Somewhere here is born George Bundrick.  If Nicholas married in SC, we don’t know who she was.  It could have been a widow, or a lady with a grant in her own name. According to census records, George Bundrick was born about 1780.


HERE GOES NICHOLAS ON THE WRONG ROAD AGAIN.  On 1 Dec 1779, at age 62, Nicholas became a Private in the Loyalist Company of Faight Risinger at Savannah GA.  He was killed there 19 Apr 1782.

Other land records from a Brent Holcomb book of Newberry Deeds:

*10 December 1773 Herman Gallman of Nobles Creek, miller & planter, to sells 200a to Rev. John Fredrick Dubbert for 400f, SC money.  It was N part of 450a granted to Henry Gallman, decd., adj: Adam Setzler, Nicholas Bundrick & Conrad Gallman.

*30 December 1785 Sheriff of Ninety Six District sells to Joseph Kennerly the 325a of Rev. Fredrick Dubbert.  Dubbert owed money to Richard Strother.  Land adj: Adam Setzler and Bundrick .

*1 & 2 December 1788  Deed, George Leitsey sells to James Beard the 46a granted to Leitsey on 5 November 1787, adj: Henry Wicker, Charles Bondrake, Peter Stockman & Peterman.  Recorded 12 November 1790.


The Family of John Nicholas Bundrick


A. Frederick Charles Bundrick, born about 1755/1760, probably in NC.  He was a footman in the Revolutionary War Company of Col. Philemon Waters’ Regt.  His indent was dated 10 October 1781.  He signed the petition for St Johns Church at Pomaria SC.  If Charles ever had a land grant, we didn’t find it.  “Charles” estate of 1807 had 2 tracts of land: (1) 100a on Cannons Creek, originally granted to James Dougherty on 2 September 1767.  Now adj: Wm Rutherford, John Bundrick, John P. Kinard & David Hentz.  (2) 100 acres originally granted to Nicholas Ziegler, sold to Peter Stockman, then to Frederick Charles Bundrick, no date.  Widow Agness got 72a & David Hentz got 128a.  Charles married  Agness Wicker, born ca 1755-60, daughter of  Mathias Wicker.  They had 5 children:


1. Nicholas Bundrick, born ca 1782, married Catherine Prysock.  They were in Greene County, AL during the 1830’s.  They had 2 daughters.

2. Mary Elizabeth Bundrick born  3 May 1783 died 26 December 1843, married David Hentz born 23 September 1784 died 2 June 1850, son of  Mathias Hentz.  Both buried in Hentz Family Cemetery  They had 5 children.

3. Mary Magdalene Bundrick, born 1784-90, died prior June 1832, married  George Sligh, Jr. born  26 January 1785 died 4 June 1832, son of George Sligh, Sr. Buried in Sligh-Heller Cemetery.  They had 4 children.

4. David Bundrick born 1796 died 5 January 1824, married Mary Magdalen “Polly” Swittenburg born  21 December 1798 born 21 October 1877.  David is buried in the Hentz Family Cemetery.  “Polly” buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery.

5. Sarah Bundrick, born ca 1800 died 16 November 1840 (date LWT proved).  We never found a husband for her.  She had 4 Bundrick children.


B. John B. Bundrick, born ca  1760-63, married Mary Magdalena “Molly” Clap, daughter of  Joseph Clapp.  She was named in Joseph Clap’s LWT as Molly Bontrek ( 27 August 1816, Newberry County) Also named were 3 grand-daughters, Caty (Catherine), Tena (Christina) & Eve Bontrek.


One John Bunting was in Revolutionary War, had an indent 13 September 1784.  I believe he transferred the whole amount, 68 pounds & 2 shillings for a land grant.  On 6 February 1786 John Bundrick got 92a grant.  This is the land he sold when he migrated to GA.  On 25 Jun 1789, Frederick Charles Bundrick deeded the land from the Leitsey grant to John Bundrick.  John sold this in 1825 to William Rutherford. John took 3 daughters & 7 sons when he went to Crawford County, GA.  They were:


1.  Zachariah Bundrick married Elizabeth “Betsy” Adams, daughter of Robert Adams

2.  Joseph Bundrick may have married Frances Leonard, who may have been part Indian.

3. John Henry Bundrick married 7 August 1849, Sarah Emilene Wyrick.

4. William Bundrick, died before 1860, married Judy Spillers as her #1 spouse.  She married #2 Samuel Bundrick, brother of 1st husband William Bundrick.

5. Samuel Bundrick, went to Cherokee County, TX in 1870’s, married brother’s widow.

6. David Bundrick, married Julie Strother who was part Indian & caused a rift in the family.

7.  Adam Bundrick, sided with David & both went to Pike County, AL in 1850’s, died before 1860.

8.  Eve/Efa Bundrick, born 1802 died 8 May 1870, married  23 December 1830, Daniel Hamilton.  She went with Adam & David to AL.

9. Christina “Tina” Bundrick, possibly mother of 2 boys raised by sister, Catherine, boys may have been part Indian.

10. Catherine Bundrick, went with David & Adam to AL., married Henry Wyrick of Fairfield County, SC.

Now about the 2 orphan boys raised by Henry & Catherine Wyrick:

      a. John William Bundrick, born May 1834 died 18 December 1912, married #1 Chatahooche County, GA, 3 July 1855 to Sarah Jane Howell.  They had 2 children.   Married  #2 Susan Jenny Dembour, daughter of Joseph & Eliza P. Dembour.  They lived in Winn Parish LA and had 4 children.

      b. Samuel D. Bundrick, born 2 October 1839 died 29 December 1910, married 20 September 1865, Pike County, AL. to Mrs. Elizabeth Bray Baker born 4 December 1839 died 5 September 1917.  They

had 6 children.

C. George, or John George Bundrick appears to have been a son of  Nicholas Bundrick.  (Why would the old man name another son JOHN)??  His age puts him born in SC after Nicholas appeared in 1767 and before Nicholas died as a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War on 19 April 1782.  Various census years put John George as born ca 1780.  They had a close association with the Leitzenger family.  Also Zeiglers.  The LWT of Jacob Leitzy, 15 May 1816 lists Mary, wife of George Bundrick. 


These are the Bundricks I have left over which may or may not be siblings??

1. George Bundrick, a miller, with wife Margaret deeded land in 1818 .  Can he be THE John George Bundrick?  He may be the father of 2 – 5.  Can she be Mary Leitzy?


2. Jacob Bundrick, born 1800-1810, died 1845, married Ruth Busby, daughter of  John Jacob Busby born 28 November 1779 died 8 March 1811 & Mary Rawl, born 1776.  After Jacob Bundrick died, Ruth married  #2 Benjamin Barrett, about 1845. Children:

A. James Nathan Bundrick, born ca 1829, married Caroline Elizabeth Stoudemire, daughter of Adam &

           Elizabeth Farr Stoudemire.

B. Jacob Ivy Bundrick, born ca 1833, died 1889. Married #1 E. Laviney Stoudemire, daughter of John &

           Margaret Rister Stoudemire.  Jacob Ivy married #2 Ruth Anna Epting

C. Elizabeth Bundrick, born ca 1835. [From Calvin Schmitz - calvinschmitz@yahoo.com; Elizabeth Ann Bundrick born March 15, 1835 SC and died September 18, 1916 Yalobusha County, MS.  She married William Jacob Schmitz, s/o John Adam Schmitz and Mary Ann Schumpert; born July 22, 1828 SC and died September 27, 1915 Yalobusha County, MS; both buried Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.  (see photo contributed by Calvin Schmitz)

Their children:

a. Catherine (Kate) E. Schmitz  born April 19, 1856 SC, died August 24, 1938 in Coffeeville, MS;

   married J. Lafayette Hamilton; she is buried Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.

b.  Elizabeth (Liza) Schmitz born 1857 SC, died June 1, 1940 in Yalobusha County, MS; married Henry

   Benjamin Pate; she is buried Goshen Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.

c. James (Jim) Calhoun Schmitz born April 1, 1861 SC, died June 8, 1951 in Greenwood, MS; married

           Martha Louvenia French; he is buried Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.

d. Jacob Sidney Schmitz born May 30, 1863 SC, died January 17, 1921; married Flora Mae Litton.

e. William Thomas Schmitz born March 12, 1866 MS, died October 14, 1926; married Melissa Jane

          Schmitz; he is buried Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.

f. Walter P. Schmitz born April 11, 1868 in Yalobusha County, MS, died November 8, 1953 in

          Yalobusha County, MS; married Dorothy E. Pate; he is buried Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS.

g. William (Will) L. Schmitz born 1873.

h. Alex Schmitz born 1875.

i. Frank Schmitz

D. Martha Bundrick born 1837 died 1851

E. John Andrew Bundrick, born ca 1837 died 20 July 1863, CSA. Married Frances Derrick, daughter of

          Joseph Derrick.

F. Henry Arthur Bundrick born  27 March 1840 died 13 July 1908.  He married #1 Nancy Della Ridlehuber,

           born 1 May 1844 died 14 July 1911.  Henry A. went off to the Civil War & didn’t come back in a

   reasonable amount of time so she remarried.  When he came back, she elected to stay with her second

           husband, so Henry A. went over to Fairfield County and married #2 Caroline Nancy Wyrick.

      G. David Hamilton Bundrick, born ca 1843

The child of Ruth & Benj Barrett:

Benjamin Franklin Barrett born 9 December 1847 died 5 September 1919, married Catharine Swartz, born 22 September 1852 died 28 May 1923, both buried at Capers Chapel.


3.  Christina Bundrick, born 1810, died 18 December 1857, age 47 yrs., married John Stoudemire, born 26 February 1806 died 18 April 1849 ( He is close in age to the John that married Margaret Rister.  I am now thinking that George Stoudemayer, Jr.  may have fathered this John Stoudemire and George Stoudemayer that married Leodicea Fulmer.)  Christina’s  children:

A.  Mary Ann Stoudemire, born ca 1834, married ______Miller.

B.  Dr. George W. Stoudemire, born ca 1836 died 3 October 1863, died near Charleston SC, Asst. Surgeon,


C. John Adam Stoudemire, born 17 December 1838 died 18 October 1843

D.  Lenora Christina Stoudemire, born ca 1849, married Orlando Luther Mayer.

When John George Bundrick died there was, of course, an equity suit.  John & Christina Stoudemire, Jacob’s kids, & John Anderson & Charles W. Bundrick. These two were sons of John George Bundrick & wife Christina:


4. John Anderson Bundrick, born 1821-23 died 13 September 1901, marroed Mary M. Swygert. 

          Their children:

A. Ida M. Bundrick, born 20 March 1852 died 15 April 1929, married Jacob J. Sease born 20 September

           1852 died 22 November 1939

B. Mary Frances Aquilla Bundrick, born 28 May 1856 died 12 June 1913,  married George M. Fulmer, born 

          14 February 1853 died 27 May 1935

      C. Kate Bundrick, born 1859, married Charles Summer

      D. Isadore Bundrick, married John Frank Corley

E. Charles Washington “C. W.” Bundrick, born  4 November 1826 died 30 December 1863, son of  J. G. &  

          Christina Bundrick, married Susannah E. Summer.  He was in Co H, 13th SC Infantry in the Confederate

          Army.  He enlisted at Hope Station on 28 August 1861.  Susannah  had a rough time after the war, but her

          brother, James A. Summer, managed to get her a homestead.  C. W. and brother John Anderson

          Bundrick each had a home on the 220a left them by their father, which had to be divided.  Lex County took            away every-thing Susannah had.  Then they gave her a homestead of 67a.  J. A. Summer became

          guardian of two minor children and administered on C. W.’s estate on 1 Dec 1868. 

          Their children:

     a. George Anderson Bundrick, born 16 November 1850 died 3 April 1938, married #1 Lenora Wessinger. 

                 Married #2 Frances Kesiah Hipp

     b. Elizabeth C. Bundrick, born 30 January 1852 died 14 August 1864

    c. Mary Frances Aquilla Bundrick, born 1855


From Frederick Charles, John B. and George descend all the Bundricks in the Dutch Fork.  I have tried to make a TIME LINE to show their progress in the Carolinas.  Please let me know if you can add (or subtract) anything that will better enable us to trace this family’s history. 

Betty Mooney Bundrick with permission granted by Max and Betsy Bundrick Tatum,

authors of the book, “THE BUNDRICK BUNCH”.