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The following information on the Allen Pierce Connelly family was sent by Eugenia, a Connelly cousin from North Carolina. It was compiled by her Aunt Mae.


William Lester Connelly (a brother)

Born August 9, 1840

Died May 3, 1921


Verdina Long Connelly

Born March 31, 1852

Died October 2, 1933

Their children were 2  boys and 4 girls: Anna, Lula, Burr, Carrie, Effie, and Pierce.


Allen Pierce Connelly

Born October 17,1857

Died September 25,1935


Alice Hopkins Connelly

Born July 7, 1859

Died October 7, 1915

Their children were 5 girls: Beulah, Oleina, Mae, Pearl, Blanche, and Ella Lou.

Ella Lou died as a baby.


James Connelly ( a brother) (James Luther)

married Fannie Amick

No Children.

(his first wife was Sarah Ann Malasie Fulmer

they had one daughter, Hattie who married Marcus Lester)

George Connelly (a brother) (twin of Frances)

died September 10, 1915


Hennie Salters Connelly

Their children were 5 boys and 3 girls: Mollie, Albert, Johnnie, Jimmy, Pope, Mattie, Eloise, and Mana.

Tommie Connelly (a brother) (William Thomas)

Born July 31,1869

Died December 21, 1922


Mary Susan Coleman Connelly

Born February 2, 1866

Died March 13,1930

Their children were 4 boys and 4 girls: Willie, Boyd, Hugh, Jack, Thelma, Eula, Cora, and Annie.

Lizzie Connelly (Rebecca Elizabeth)

Married Calhoun Fulmer

Their children were 4 boys and 3 girls: Jim, John, Hoyt, Albert, Fannie, Hattie, and Sis.


Emma Alice Connelly 

Married John Ada Baker

They had 4 boys and 2 girls: Motte, Jeff, Young, Ida, Lawson, and Carrie.

(there was also Ella, Leila, and Alma)

Frances Connelly  (twin of George)

married a Mills and had one daughter, Minnie.

Allen Pierce Connelly Family

Allen Pierce Connelly