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Conrad Amick Family

 The Dutch Fork Amick family was founded by Conrad Emick who came to SC on the Upton in 1752. His bounty petition says that he was from  the Upper part of Germany and had a wife and child, Wemick, age 5 years. The 150 acre bounty survey of Conrad Emick was on waters of Crims Creek. This  land is located on the north side of the town of Little Mountain. The bounty grant was shown as land of Henry Amick on the adjacent survey which was made  for John Adam Summer in 1772. Conrad Emick had evidently died before that time.

 The family of Conrad Emick has been described by Louise Janes Riley in "Amicks" with Roots in the Dutch Fork of SC" (1973).

 I. Henry Amick is believed to be "Wemick" Amick of  the Council Journal record. He was born about 1747 and died about 1815. Henry  Amick bought land on Camping Creek in 1798 from Henry Summer. In 1816, the legatees of Henry Amick sold part of this tract to Gasper Amick (Lexington Deeds C-81, abstracted in Lexington Genealogical Exchange I (3), p. 108, 1981).  Dower signatures of this deed are given as: Susanna Amick wife of Adam Amick,  Christina Amick wife of Henry Amick, Mary Amick wife of Gasper Amick, Mary  Huit wife of George Huit, Polly Erigal wife of John Erigle and Catherine Amick.

 A. John Adam Amick, Sr., born about 1769, died May 1851,  married wife named Susannah died before 1850. Bought land on Camping Creek in 1799 from Jacob Francis Coon.
1. John Adam Amick, Jr., born 1 April 1791, died 18 November 1880, married Elizabeth (Betsey) ______ born 10 September 1790 died 6 June 1885; buried  St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.
a. Polly Magdelina Amick born 27 May 1822 died 31 December 1913; married 11 December 1849, Jefferson Seay born 9 August 1813 died 18 October 1905
b. Catherine Amick, born 1820, died 1865
c. Elizabeth Amick, born 6 September 1823, died 7 July 1921.
d. Sarah/Sally Amick, born about 1824, died before 1880; married 2 February  1843, Hiram Jackson, born about 1824
e. Artimussa Rebecca Ann Amick, born about 1827; married George Hamilton Schwartz, born 1833, died 3 December 1905, son of Adam Schwartz and Susanna  Rhea.
f. Solomon D. Amick, born 1828, died 15 September 1863 Frederick, MD (CSA); married 1) 25 January 1855, Kizziah Caroline Epting born 3 September 1825, died 27 January 1858, daughter of David Epting and Elizabeth Rinehart; married 2) 8 November 1859 Mary Ann Rish, born 3 September 1842, died  15 April 1900, daughter of Andrew Rish and Mary M. Epting.
2. David Amick, born 1 May, 1794 died 26 September 1854; married Anna Nancie Long, born 19 January 1800, died 9 February 1876, daughter of Christian Long and Elizabeth Weed.
a. George David Amick, born 12 November 1818, died 3 August1865
b. John Henry Amick, born *16 April 1820; married September 1851, Ellen  Hamm, born 20 March 1820, daughter of Catherine Hamm. Both have memorials  at St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church.
c. Mary Ann Amick, born 27 August1821; married 5 August1857, John Harmon Sulton, born 16 November 1809, died 13 February 1883. Moved to Attalla County, MS.
d. Levi Amick, born 1 November 1822, died 26 December 1895; married 1) 11 February 1850, Sara Bathsheba Elizabeth Luther, born 6 February 1830,  died 21 October 1859, daughter of Robert Luther; married 2) 6 May 1860, Sara Ann Barbara Stockman, born 1 January 1833, died 22 June 1923. All  three buried Macedonia Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.
e. Jesse Amick, born *25 Feb1824, died October 1886; married Rhoda Hamm, born 1833.
f. John Jacob Amick, born *17 December 1826, died 1891; married Rhoda  Frances Sheppard, born 1851, died 1922.
g. Martha Elizabeth Amick, born 9 December 1828, died 1846.
h. Louisa Elizabeth Amick, born 4 November 1830, died 12 October 1911; married 7 January 1848, Henry Joseph Hendrix, born 18 February 1830, died  27 July 1906, son of Absalom Hendrix and Margaret Hook.
i. Julia Ann Amick, born 15 June 1834, died 21 January 1856; married Robert  J. Sulton, died 1863 (CSA), Battle of Bunker Hill, VA (now W. VA).
j. Nancy Ann Terreaser Amick, born *9 August 1837, died 1897; married  Robert Simeon Moore.
B. John Jacob Amick, died 1812; married Catherine Christine Fulmer, born 1772, died April 1847 daughter of Johannes Fulmer
1. Mary Ann Amick, born 10 March 1797, died 14 April 1909, married 1 November 1849, Daniel Alewine, born 17 February 1813, died 16 February 1907. Moved to Dandridge, TN.
2. John Jacob Amick, Jr., born 1805; married Jemima Long, born 1807, daughter  of Christian Long and Elizabeth Weed.
3. Christener Amick, born about 1813; married Emanuel Hallman, son of John W. Hallman and Catherine Hallman.
4. John Henry Amick, born 1813, died after 1860; married Mary Catherine  Caroline Johns, born 13 July 1814, died 29 November 1891; both buried at  Amick-Lindler Cemetery.
 C. Henry Amick; married Christina ___.
D. John Gasper Amick, born about 1785, died 11 June 1878; married Mary Elizabeth Fulmer, died November 1836, daughter of Jacob Fulmer.
1. John William (Billy) Amick, born 28 March 1807, died  1892; married Mary Anne Elizabeth Nates, born 5 May 1819, died 31 March  1878; buried Macedonia Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.
2. Sally Amick, born about 1812. Did not marry.
3. Mary Ann Amick, born 28 April 1813, died 14 February 1858; married John George Slice, born about 1811, died 28 December 1856.
4. Daniel Amick, born 8 November 1814, died 22 April 1875; married Menora  Germima Russel Warner, born 4 May 1814, died 7 April 1887, daughter of George  Warner and Rachel Slice.
5. Rosanna Amick, born about 1815. Did not marry.
6. Elizabeth Amick, born about 1817. Did not marry.
7. Julia Ann Amick, born about 1820. Did not marry.
8. Levi Amick, born about 1822, died 26 October 1864. Did not marry.
 E. Mary Amick; married George Huet.
 F. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Amick, born about 1775, died about 15 June 1863;  married John Eargle, born 1774, died 1837
1. Nancy Eargle; married Elijah Hendrix.
2. David Eargle, died CSA; married Christena Suber.
3. John Jacob C. Eargle, born 12 June 1805, died 8 November 1889; married  Ann Cabune Bundrick, born 1 May 1819, died 24 April 1889.
4. John Henry Eargle, born 19 January 1808, died 24 Sep 1869; married Elizabeth  Lindler, born 17 April 1812, died 20 October 1883; daughter of George Lindler  II and Elizabeth Lucas both buried at Eargle Family Cemetery
5. Eve Margaret Eargle, born 28 November 1810, died 2 June 1838; married 10 November 1836 James Daniel Koon, born 1810, died 1871, son of Jacob Francis  Koon and Barbara Eargle.
G. Eve Amick ; married 6 February 1814, George Michael Eargle, born 21 October 1791.

 II. John Adam Amick, born after 1752 died 1828; wife named  Christiana.

A. Mary Amick; married David Ellisor born 1798 died 1850, son of Jacob Ellisor, Jr. and Elizabeth Thomas. They moved to Dallas County, AL about  1830.
B. Polly Amick; married _____ Summer, died before 1828.
C. Elizabeth Amick; married ______ Summer, died before 1828.
D. George Adam Amick, born about 1795, died 12 Sep 1875; married Mary Sites.
1. George A. Amick, born 1822, died April 1850.
2. John David Amick, born 23 December 1822, died 28 October 1902; married  Rachel Barbara Derrick, born 28 July 1831, died 31 May 1900, daughter of Jacob Derrick and Nancy Ann Meetze.
3. Elizabeth Catherine Amick, born about 1825, died before 1878.
4. James Anderson Amick, born 12 September 1827, died 1 February 1878; buried  Amick Cemetery #2.
5. Martha Mary Ann Amick, born about 1829, died 17 June 1917.
6. Frances A. Amick, born about 1835; married John Levi Koon, born about 1832, son of John Henry Koon and Mary Magdelena (Mollie) Eargle.
7. William R. Amick, born about 1835; married Mary Catherine Amick, born 18 June 1829.
8. Thomas W. Amick, born about 1837, died 22 January 1862 (CSA).
 E. John D. Amick, born about 1799; married Esther Richardson  died before1850
1. Elizabeth Amick, born about 1827.
2. Mary Catherine Amick, born 18 June 1829; married William R. Amick, born about 1835.
3. Louisa E. Amick, born about 1833.
4. Malinda Amick, born about 1837.
5. Easter Ann Amick, born about 1837.
6. John A. Amick, born about 1839.
7. Frances L. Amick, born about 1842.
8. Davia W. Amick, born about 1846.

 III. Anna Margaretha Amick, according to baptismal fraktur  of Rev. John Herman Aull, was wife of Johann Philipp Aal/Aull, born 27 October 1748, son of Hans Adam Aal and Catharine Wäydner. They lived on headwaters  of Bear Creek on southeast side of town of Little Mountain. Philip Aal had  arrived in SC on the Brittania in 1766.

A. Catherine Aull; is said to have been the wife of Johann Heinrich (Henry)  Kunkle,Sr. born about 1765, died about 1859. Henry Kunkle was a Revolutionary Patriot. They are buried in Conkle Cemetery, Henry County, GA.
B. George Aull; married Mary Margaret Minick, born about 1774, daughter  of George Bartholomew William Minick and Mary Magdalene Summer. George Aull  died prior to 1838. In that year, Mary Magdelene Aull, widow, gave to daughter,  Mary and husband, Andrew Kunkle, her real and property estate except one cow and calf which was to be given to daughter, Catherine Aull (Lexington Deeds P-129).
C. Henry All, wife named Ann. Moved to Barnwell District, SC.
D. John Adam All, born 1774, died 1830, married Elizabeth Platts. John Adam  All bought land in Barnwell District, SC on 2 October 1805 from Henry All.
E. Rev. John Herman Aull, born 20 September 1786, died 27 May 1852; married  1) Christina Rikard born 20 November 1795, died 13 December 1830, daughter  of Michael Rikard and Margaret Eigleberger; married 2) Mrs. Eve Margaret  Riser Werts, born 1792, died 1872, daughter of Martin Riser Sr. and Christina  Sease. Among churches served by Rev. Aull were St. Mark's, Mt. Calvary,  and St. James Churches.
F. Margaret (Peggy) Aull, born about 1791, died 28 May 1863, was the second  wife of Jacob Cook, born about 1777, died 11 February 1834, son of Jacob Cook and Rosanna Singley. Margaret Aull and Jacob Cook were married 22 August 1822 at the home of Rev. Harmon Aull

 (Newberry Equity 1834, #23-3 and 25-2). She and her husband are buried at the Cook Cemetery on the Sam Cook place near Prosperity.
Note: * (asterick) dates have been obtained from copies of Family Bible Records  which can be found on this site