Dickerts in Probate
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Henry S. Dickert's petition to the court to settle Michael Dickert II's estate after he died without leaving a will.

Catherine, who married John Jenkins, is buried in the Quaker Cemetery on Dennis Dairy Road in Newberry, South Carolina. Also buried in that cemetery of interest is the Rev. Thomas Frean family. Frean was a leader in the Baptist movement in South Carolina and was one of the founding ministers of Bethel Baptist Church.

Henry's second wife was Edney Towles Stephens Mangum (her third marriage). She was in constant court battles with all her previous inlaws. Her son, Daniel, was a minister and one of the founding ministers of Bethel Baptist Church which was built on land donated by Henry. The church was organized in 1840 in a log cabin and the current building was built around 1909. It was enlarged in the 1950's to add Sunday School classrooms and was remodeled the first time in 1970. Another remodeling, which included enlarging the sactuary was completed in 2005.

Numerous references to the Dickerts, Mangums, and Longs are made in the Bethel Church Records 1840-1910 that are on this site.  Henry's daughter Sarah Ann, twin of William T., was my great great grandmother. She was a seamstress who moved about sewing for people, and while she worked for them, resided with them. She was a petite woman with dainty feet, and she met William Henry Hale Long at a party at which  he was invited to play the fiddle.

(A History and Genealogy of Peter Dickert of South Carolina by Yancey J. Dickert)