A List of Surnames

I'm Researching

Amick, Baker, Bearden, Bundrick, Connelly, Dennis, Derrick, Dickert, Duckett, Fowler, Frick, Fuller, Lever, Long, Stribble, Wessinger, Wicker

(Names highlighted in boldface are ones that I have the most data for.)

About My Research

I began being interested in family history when I was about 7 years old. My paternal grandfather, Curtis Long, used to take me on Sunday afternoon strolls in the nearby church cemetery where most of his family is buried. My dad always said that Granddaddy could go into any cemetery anywhere, and find someone related to someone else in Newberry County, South Carolina.  It really is a small, small world when you get right down to it. I know the old jokes about Southerners, 'Let me introduce you to my Uncledaddy,' but you see, when this great land was settled, many people came from the same countries and settled in the same states and communities. Ethnic groups tended to stick together. There was a lot of intermarrying between the allied families that all immigrated together.

Most of my family, the Amick, Bundrick, Shealy, Derrick, Frick, Wicker, and Lever branches, came to the Colonies from Germany in the mid 1700's. Many of them settled, or ended up in the Deutsch Fork area of South Carolina. This area is located in the forks of the Saluda and Broad rivers. The area has a storied history and the name is now simply known as the Dutch Fork, even though it has nothing to do with the Dutch. It is just a pronunciation of the word 'Deutsch.'

My ancestors in the German lines mostly came from the Baden-Wurtemburg and Mannheim areas of Germany.  The Stribble branch came through Germany via Switzerland.

My Fuller, Baker, and Lester branches came to the Colonies from England and to South Carolina via Virginia and North Carolina. Some eventually went further south into Georgia during the land lotteries of the early 1800's. From there, to Alabama and over to Texas.

The Dennis and Connelly branches came from Scots-Irish descent and immigrated from Ireland.

This is a project that will never be finished. Just when I think I have gotten about all I can, I find more information and can't let it go without including it.

My ultimate goal is to collect as many family stories and photos as I can and include them in family books: one for my maternal side and one for my paternal side. I am well on my way with each book currently containing about 130 pages each.

I hope you find this website helpful and informative. Please sign my guest book and feel free to send me any information or photos you may have. If you find errors, let me know, after all, we are all human!