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Histories of My Families

The Long Family

Descended from the family of Mary Permelia Long of Prosperity, South Carolina. 

Mary Permelia Long, William Henry Hale Long, William Henry Long, Curtis Derieux Long

The Long Family were all farmers and sold lumber.

The Longs

The Fuller Family

Descended from Alsey Fuller (1801) Lancaster  County, South Carolina.

Ezekiel, Solomon, Jones, Isham, Alsey, Perry W, Willie Gamuel, George Berlie Fuller.

Perry W Fuller was a hat maker in Columbia, SC before and after the Civil War.

The Fullers

The Shealy Family

Descended from Michael Schule (Shealy) family of Germany.

Michael Schule, Hans Jorg Schule, Johannes Schule, John Shely (all of Germany), John Wendel Shealy (Dutch Fork, SC), John Jacob Shealy, Levi Shealy, John Efird Calhoun Shealy, Henry Julian Shealy, Mary Rilla Shealy (all of the Dutch Fork-Chapin area of South Carolina)

The Shealy's were all farmers.

The Stribble Family

Descendants of Paul Washington Stribble, Sr.  (Strebol) of Batweiler Germany.

Paul Washington Strebol, Sr., Paul Washington Stribble, Jr. (Newberry, SC), Zula Odella Stribble (Newberry, SC)

The Stribble's farmed and worked the cotton Mills

The Stribbles

The Frick, Derrick, Baker, Connelly, and Dickert Families

Descendants of Thomas Frick I of Dutch Fork, SC.

Descendants of Samuel Baker, Lexington County, SC.

Descendants of John Melchior Derrick of Dutch Fork, SC.

Descendants of Zachariah Connelly of Prosperity, SC.

Descendants of Peter Dickert I of Dutch Fork, SC.

The Derrick's, Connelly's and Dickert's were all farmers. The Baker's were cotton buyers and growers, and the Frick's farmed and ran several mercantiles.

The Bakers  The Connellys  The Dickerts  

The Bundrick, Lever, and Amick Families

Descendants of Conrad Emig (Amick) Family of Dutch Fork, SC.

Descendants of John Jacob Bundrick of Steinhousen, Germany.

Descendants of George Henry Lever of Dutch Fork, SC

They were all originally farmers.

The Amicks   The Bundricks