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Permelia Long/ Caroline Watson connection??



After digging, I have come to the possibility that Caroline Watson, nee Long, was very likely the niece of Permelia Long.  Caroline was born in 1823 to Mary ? Long, born c1803. I believe that Mary’s husband, was a brother to Permelia. His birth would have been about the same timeframe as Permelia’s, give or take a few years. This would explain them being neighbors and attending the same church. Now I need to find out who Caroline Long Watson’s father was.

Unknown and Mary Long had another daughter Amanda who married a Bedenbaugh.  Caroline had a daughter, Georgianna Wheeler, who married William T. Dickert, twin of Sarah Ann Dickert Long. It is unknown who Caroline’s first husband was or if she was ever married to a Wheeler. She is always listed as ‘Caroline Watson’. I know Mary is her mother as she was listed as such in the 1850 census in the same household.


1860 finds Mary in the household of her daughter Amanda who has married a Bedenbaugh.

Caroline is in the home of her daughter Georgianna who had by this time married William T Dickert.

The Bedenbaughs lived next door to WHH and Sarah Ann Long, who’s household included Belton (1mo), Polly (Permelia, 65), Nancy (35), Susannah Cansada (6) and George Adam (2).


Another interesting point, Edney Dickert, Henry S. Dickert’s second wife (he was her third husband), was in HH 271 with Franklin (38), Sinthia Ann (20) and Jane Sarah Ann (18). I think these are children by her second marriage to a Mangum. Her first was a Stepehens and her maiden name was Towles. Henry, however was living in HH 760 with his daughter Elizabeth (m George Shirey) who was 20 at the time. He was listed as an overseer at 60 years old. The HH directly before was that of Dr James Rennick, who only had John Glenn listed in his HH (#759).


NOW in 1870 Caroline Watson was listed in HH 258 with James (20), Elizabeth (15) and Martin (13). I belive these to possibly be her nephews by her sister Amanda Long Bedenbaugh. I need to search more into that aspect.


Also in 1870, Georgianna Wheeler Dickert has remarried to James Albritton, William T having died on his way home from Richmond after the war. James is 8 years younger than she. The Dickert children listed are Mary(16), Fannie Frances(14), George(12), Carrie(9) and Laura (7). It is probable that Laura never met her natural father.

Fannie Frances went on to marry Pierce Butler Banks and their family is the one on my website in the article ‘More Trouble In Smokey Town’. Fannie’s cousins, WH, Belton, Brady, and Motte Long are all believed to have been part of the gang that burned them out in the incident in the article. (I know for a fact that WH and Brady were involved because after, they fled to NC for 3 years until the statute of limitations ran out. WH also reportedly fathered a child while he was up there….this was before he married Ida Baker.)

I have some work cut out for me to get these linked together for sure, but it is the closest I have been able to come to finding out who may be Permelia’s parents and where she came from. I never thought the ‘Ohio Story’ ever made any sense.


I have my work cut out for me....but it's gotten me excited!!.