SCMAR Abstracts


These abstracts from the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volumes 1-20 are those pertaining to the surnames in my family tree. Some are land transfers, wedding and death announcements, some will records, and other records of probate. I will continue to add more as I find them and try to make notes in boldface to show how they relate to my tree.

SC Magazine of Ancestral Research Articles


Vol. VIII Summer 1979, No.3, p.186


Pages 175a-177: (ESTATE OF JOSIAH FOWLER) John Odell and Rhinta his wife and the infants Patsey Fowler and Newton Fowler who sue here by John Odell their guardian ad litem, that Josiah Fowler being seized and possessed of a considerable real and personal estate on the 21st February 1817 executed his last Will and testament wherein he devised as follows: to wife Sarah Fowler, enjoy the benefits from tract of Land whereon my present residence now is, and hold from the Beaverdam adj. the land lately the property of William Young decd. to Little river, then to John Blacks line to the Charleston road; my son Thomas should have all personal estate for purpose of raising and educating my children; all survivors should have an equal division…Richard Fowler, Thomas Fowler, Elnathan Croker and Alsea Rucker, exrs…Richard Fowler, Thomas Fowler and Crocker qualified as exrs. the said Josiah Fowler at the time of his death left surviving his widow Sarah and the following children Betsey the wife of Cro [sic] Richard Fowler, P. F. Wythe wife of Alsea Fuller, Thomas Fowler, Rehebtha (now the wife of John Odell), Patsey Fowler and Newton Fowler…that shortly after the death of the said Josiah P Slbye[?] the wife of Alsea Fuller departed this life having no issue and leaving her husband her brothers and sisters her only heirs, That shortly after her death in a Bill of complaint filed by her husband Alsea Fuller against the Exrs. and Legatees of Josiah Fowler decd it was amongst the other things adjudged that the said Josiah as to a part of his real estate died intestate and upon a writ of partition thereof the following tract to wit 224 acres adj. lands of Josiah, John Odell, Reubin Hitt, William Young (dec'd), William Rodgers, and the Widow Bryson in Laurens District was vested in fee in the widow of Sarah Fowler that soon afterwards Betsey the wife of Crocker and her children (by a former marriage) Agnes and William Young her surviving, that some time since Richard Fowler departed this life intestate leaving his widow Mary and his children and Eliza & Mary & Richard him surviving, that since his death one of his children Eliza died leaving her mother and sisters her only heirs that lately his widow Mary has intermarried with Thomas Reeder that at the last June Term of this Honourable Court in a bill.…(Josiah Fowler was the father of Mary Fowler, first wife of Alsey Fuller and mother of Perry W Fuller)


SCMAR, Vol. III, Summer 1975, No. 3, p.183
Lane Jason in her lifetime owned a tract of land in Laurens District, containing 57½ acres, adjoining Jesse Hitt, James Cook, and others. Samuel Caldwell administered the estate. They pray that a Writ of Partition should issue, directed to Josiah Fowler, William Rodgers, Jesse Hitt, Thomas Rodgers, and Elhanan Crocker. .…(Josiah Fowler was the father of Mary Fowler, first wife of Alsey Fuller and mother of Perry W Fuller


Death & Obituary Notices, Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878
Wm. A. Grant was born in Abbeville district, S. C., May 5th 1832 and died near Wedowee, Randolph County, Ala., and May 20, 1874. He was brought to Meriwether county, Ga., by his parents when an infant. When about twenty-one years old, he was married to Miss Sallie Fuller, daughter of Mr. Alsey Fuller of Meriwether county, Ga. He left a widow and ten children. R. A. Parker. The Methodist Advocate please copy. (William A Grant was the son in law of Alsey Fuller, husband of Sarah A. Fuller)


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.204
William L. Rall to George Adam Amick, for $100, 92 acres on Edward's Branch, W side Broad River, part of 315 acres granted to John Adam Houseal (George Adam Amick was the father of William Rutherford Amick, and grandfather of George Ann Elizabeth Amick Fuller)


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.204
28 Oct 1820, Adam Zeigler, to George A. Emick, for $550, 100 acres granted to John Jacob Rhein, adj. James Holinshed, Jacob Prew; now Bright, Crin, and others …(George Adam Amick was the father of William Rutherford Amick, and grandfather of George Ann Elizabeth Amick Fuller)


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.204
8 Aug 1804, Jesse Frazier of Orangeburg District, to John Adam Emick for $11, 11 acres, part of grant to John Flowers.

Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.47
On the 6th inst., by Levi Metz, Esq. Mr. John Amick, to Miss Rachael Derrick, all of Lexington District.


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.204
12 Nov 1828, Sheriffs Title, George Emmick, one of the heirs and distributees of John Emick decd., petitioned court against John D. Emick, David Ellesor and wife Polly, and Elizabeth Summer…John Emick died intestate; John Fox, Shff., held public sale, 11 Feb 1829, sold for $353 to George Emick, 81 acres on Broad River adj. David Haltiwanger, George Hout.(John Amick was the father of George Adam Amick.)


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.205
11 Feb 1829, George Emick & David Elesor bound for $650 for $325 to be paid on or before 11 Feb 1830. (George Adam Amick was the father of William Rutherford Amick, and grandfather of George Ann Elizabeth Amick Fuller)


SCMAR, Vol. XIV, Spring 1986, No. 2, p.78
On Sunday the 5th inst., by J. P. Stockman, Esq., Mr. J. Belton Lever, to Miss Elizabeth Wicker, all of Newberry District. (Ibid.)(John Wade Belton Lever was the father of Louisa Rebecca Palefie Lever Bundrick, wife of George Adam Bundrick and mother of Martha Luvenia Bundrick Stribble)


Death & Obituary Notices, Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878
Mr. John Lever was born in October 1796; and died December 26, 1877. He was a native of Lexington District, S. C., and moved in early life to Richland District, where he married Miss Nancy Smith, and resided until his death. Al of his descendants, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, surviving to the number of seventy-five live near the old homestead.


SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No. 1, p.9
In a return dated 8 Mar. 1803, Geo. Hairbirt, Com. & D. S., reported that he had resurveyed a tract of land belonging to the Estate of Jacob Sligh, Sen., deceased, situate in Newberry District, which contained 367 acres after laying off 20 acres which Jacob Sligh in his lifetime had conveyed to George Sligh. The attached plat shews that the tract was adjoined by the lands of Wicker, Riser, Charles Bundrick(?), John Riddlehoober, and George Sligh (also spelled Slike).


SCMAR, Vol. XI, Winter 1983, No. 1, p.10
Will of Jacob Leitzey of Lexington District…to my dear and loving son, David Leitzey, 140 acres more or less, it being my present place of Residence, also two negroes Esther and Peggy; to my daughter Mary Bundrick and George Bundrick her husband, two negroes namely Lucy and her daughter Nelly, about 8 years old; to each of my Grand Children minors of my son George Leitzey decd, $25; to my sons John Leitzey and Adam Leitzey; my other personal property such as horses, Cattle, hogs, plantation tools, house and kitchen furniture, &c., be sold at Public Auction and the products thereof be equally divided amongst my living Children or their heirs namely John Leitzey, Adam Leitzey, and David Leitzey, and my daughter Mary Bundrick and her husband G. Bundrick; my son Adam Leitzey and Captain John Epting my sole executors....15 May 1816.


SCMAR, Vol. X, Fall 1982, No. 4, p.186
David Summer of Lexington District for $580 to George Bundrick of same, 100 acres in Lexington District on a branch of Grims Creek, waters of Broad River being my present place of residence & was granted to John George Herring 6 Feb 1773, conveyed by Jacob Lucas to David Summer, 9 Nov 1811…8 Nov 1817


SCMAR, Vol. X, Fall 1982, No. 4, p.186
George Bundrick, miller, Lexington Dist., $800 to Jacob Loner of same, mason, 100 acres granted 6 Feb 1773 to John George Herring, in Craven County, now Lexington District, in the fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers, at the time of the original survey adj. Eberhart Fulmer, and on all other sides by vacant land but since by Peter Buzard, Henry Summer and others, conveyed by Jacob Lucas to David Summer, then to George Bundrick… 28 Sept 1818


SCMAR, Vol. X, Fall 1982, No. 4, p.186
Margaret, wife of George Bundrick relinquished dower, 28 Sept 1818, before Thos Boyd, Q. U.


SCMAR, Vol. X, Fall 1982, No. 4, p.187
State of South Carolina. Oliver C. Bee of State of Alabama & Limestone County, for $1000 to Uriah Mayer of Lexington District, 62 acres in Lexington District on Crims Creek, granted to Thomas Bee, 12 April 1772, and at the death of sd. Bee, it became the property of his son Thomas Bee, & at his death, the present grantor, Oliver C. Bee became legally possessed of the same, by a plat of resurvey 23 Dec 1817 adj. George Bundrick, George Eigleberger, and sd. Mayer…4 Feb 1822


The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCMAR, Volume IX
Number 3, summer, 1981
Tories Murdered in the South Carolina Upcountry in the Revolution

Nicholas Bundrick


Marriages & Deaths, Lutheran Observer and Southern Lutheran, p.228
Charles W. Bundrick was the son of J. G. and Christianna Bundrick and was born Nov. 4th, 1826…died in the Hargrove Hospital Richmond, about the 30th Dec. 1862, having just entered upon his thirty-seventh year… T. S. B.


 Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.55
On the same day, at his residence near Pomaria, Mr. George Bundrick, a highly respectable citizen of Lexington District


Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.77
In Equity - Lexington. J. H. Counts vs. Mrs. Rebecca Counts et al. Pursuant to order of the Court made in the above case, I will expose for sale on the second Monday in October, at the late residence of Col. Wm. Counts, deceased, the following tracts of land: tract containing by resurvey 174 acres lying in Lexington District, on branches of Crim's Creek, bounded by lands of J. P. Summer, George Epting, George Stoudemayer, and other lands belonging to the estate of the late Col. W. Counts, deceased, this being part of a tract formerly occupied by Col. J. A. Summer and known as his Home Trace; a tract lying in the same district, by resurvey 122 acres bounded by lands of George Epting, and those belonging to the estate above mentioned. This tract is composed of part of one formerly owned by Col. J. A. Summer as his Home Tract, and part of the Minick Tract. Also, 35 acres bounded by lands of Wm. Summer, Abram Fulmer, and lands belonging to the estate above mentioned; a tract known as the Sons and Hollman tract, 252 acres, bounded by lands of Rev. John C. Hope, Dr. G. M. Bates, Charles and Arthur Bundrick, John Summer, George Chapman, and the church land. Also, the tract known as the Piney Woods Tract, 395 acres on branches of Bear Creek, adj. lands of John Seas, David Kunkle, Michael Coon, the Mill tract and others; also the Mill tract, 675


Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.259
Died on the 1st inst., at his residence near Pomaria, Mr. George Bundrick, a highly respectable citizen of Lexington District.


SCMAR, Vol. II, Winter 1974, No. 1, p.31
Died at his residence in Lexington District, on the 3d inst., at an advanced age, Mr. Wm Baker, Sen., one of the oldest and most respectable inhabitants of that District (ibid.).


SCMAR, Vol. IV, Fall 1976, No. 4, p.198
Pp. 100-111: 1 & 2 Jan 1767, Sir William Baker, Knight & Alderman of London, Kingdom of Great Britain, and Nicholas Linwood and Brice Fisher of the Parish of St. Martin in the fields, County Middlesex, Kingdom aforesaid, by Paul Trapier of George Town, Craven County, SC, Gentleman, their attorney, to Peter Secare of the Parish of Prince George in Craven County, SC, planter, (lease s 10, release £ 2800)…1066 1/2 A known as Hobcaw point or Hobcaw Barony adj. to Winyaw Bay…plat dated 21 Oct 1765…Willm Baker (LS), Nichs. Linwood (LS), Brice Fisher (LS), all by Paul Trapier, Wit: Willm Luptan, Anthy. Bonneau. Proven in Craven County by William Luptan, before Robt Weaver, JP, 7 Dec 1770. Proof of release is headed Berkley County. Plat included in deed. Rec. 13 Apr 1771


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Fall 1980, No. 4, p.205
S. C., Lexington District: Whereas Jeremiah Rawl, one of the Heirs and distributees of Frederic Rawl decd., filed a Petition in the Court of Ordinary for Lexington District, against Nancy Rawl, Sarah Rawl, Christian Rawl Junr & Caroline Rawl, on 21 Sept 1832, stating that the said Frederic Rawl deceased, died Intestate, leaving four separate (sic) tracts of land, and that the said Lands have not been partitioned, which he pray may be done by sale or division, and on 8 Oct 1832, Arthur H. Fort, Esq., Ordinary in and for the district aforesaid, ordered that the sd. lands be sold by the Sheriff, and Reuben Harman Sheriff, did expose to sale on the 5 Nov 1832, one parcel of 1/2 of 564 acres, and Jacob Addy purchased for $11, part of 800 acres granted to Samuel Baker, 29 March 1813, as may be seen by deed from sd. Samuel Baker to David Boozer and Frederic Rawl, on little Hollow Creek, waters of big Saluda River, adj. Jackson tract, 15 Nov 1832…


Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.143
State of South Carolina- Lexington District. In the Court of Ordinary. Paul Quattlebaum, Administrator, ads John J. Baker and Maria Jackson. Summons to show cause. The defendant being cited to account for his administration and show cause why he will not pay [p.144] the complainants their distributive share of the estate of Abraham King, late of said district deceased, by Boozer his Attorney, appears and shows for cause that he finds among the intestate's papers evidence of divers advancements to his children in his lifetime made, and prays that the heirs and distributees may be cited to appear on a day certain, and show cause why the said advancements may not be allowed or rejected… and it appearing to my satisfaction that Samuel King, Edwin King, John S. Taylor and Lucinda his wife, and William Jackson, part of said heirs, reside out of this State… A. Holmes Fort, O. L. D. August 26, 1856


SCMAR, Vol. XI, Winter 1983, No. 1, p.31
On Petition of John Baker administrator of the estate of John Jackson decd granted permission to sell the perishable part of the said estate giving credit untill the first day of Jany next for all sums above five Dollars.




SCMAR, Vol. XI, Summer 1983, No. 3, p.146

John Wolfe, John Thomas, William Baker, do certify to the judges of sd. state at Granby in the District of Lexington, that in obedience ____ Partition between Michael Keigler & Elizabeth his wife, _____ and Esaias Saylor, the ____ of Jacob Saylor decd. claiming a division of the estate of David Saylor deceased, to us directed.... to Esaias Saylor, 457 acres, granted 18 July 1737 to Robert Wright, for 470 acres for his moiety of his estate in common with David Saylor decd; to Esaias Saylor, 150 acres granted 4 July 1769 to William Tucker, for 250 called the Haigs Pond tract, and also 52 acres part of grant __ Nov 1770 to William Tucker, for 200 acres, for the full share and portion of sd. Esaias and as for the full share and portion of Michael Keigler and Elizabeth his wife…portions to the heirs of Jacob Saylor decd also. (deed in poor condition) _____ 1808


SCMAR, Vol. VI, Fall 1978, No. 4, p.225
Pp. 42-43: Will of Richard Fowler of Laurens County…to wife Elizabeth Fowler, my manor (sic) plantation whereon I now live, and negro Mary…to son Richard Fowler, land on South side Durbin's Creek, whereon (sic) he now lives…to son Joshua Fowler, land on North side Durbin’s Creek; sons and daughters Alas Barton, Rebecca Barton, Richard Fowler, Ann Nevel [Newel?], Joshua Fowler, Elizabeth Flannigan…5 October 1790…Richard Fowler (X). Wit: Hutson Berry, Joseph Burchfield (??), John Armstrong (X).


SCMAR, Vol. VII, Summer 1979, No. 3, p.187

 Crocker has departed this life intestate leaving an only child Martha E. Crocker and that James Crocker has administered on his estate, that latterly on the day of 1825, Sarah Fowler the widow departed this life intestate leaving her children Thomas Fowler, Rheula (wife of John Odell) Patsey Fowler, and Newton Fowler and her grand children Agnes Young, William Young, Euphimia Fowler and Mary Richard Fowler her only heirs being seized of that tract, that your Orator John Odell has administered upon her estate…[part of page missing]…Thomas Wadsworth (dec'd), leased by the said Josiah…by the trustees of Wadsworthville Poor School for 99 years and negro slaves (named).


SCMAR, Vol. X, Summer 1982, No. 3, p.158
Page 21: 5 June 1778, Matthias Wickert Jr. of the fork of Broad & Saluda River in Ninety-Six District and Province of South Carolina....personal estate to wife Mary Sebb during her widowhood, if she marries, 1/3 of estate and the remainder to be divided amongst my four children, two boys and two girls, John Adam, Simon, Mary, and Catharina, each to have an equal share; to my son Simon Wicker, 150 acres whereon I now live, Simon to let his mother live on said plantation until he arrives to the age of 21, and if she does not marry, as long as she lives; to John Adam Wicker, 100 acres lying near Adam Keller Jr., also 100 acres that joins John Yonns, each of the boys to have 50 acres; John Adam Yonn & Michael Dickert, exrs.


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Spring 1980, No. 2, p.122
State of South Carolina) Ninety-Six District) Personally appeared Michael Dickert before me George Ruff one of the Justices assigned to keep the Peace in the District aforesaid and declared on his Oath being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty & saith that to the best of his knowledge that in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy Nine by virtue of a Dedimiss to him directed by the Honorable William Bowies [?] Esq. the Ordinary of the State of South Carolina wherein this Deponent was Authorized to qualify the Evidences that subscribed their Names to the last Will & Testament of John Green Deceased & accordingly he this Deponent qualified Elizer Mabley [sic for Mobley] being one of the Witnesses to said Will and Write his Provement on the Back of the will and this Deponent further saith that to the best of his Knowledge John Green was left in the said Will as true Heir at Law to his fathers John Green Estate now Deceased as also it Spassyfied in said that another son of the Name of William Green was Cut off with a Shilling Sterling in said will and further this Deponant saith not.


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Spring 1980, No. 2, p.122
State of So Carolina) Newberry County) Before me George Ruff one of the State Justices Assigned to Keep the Peace in the County aforesaid Personally appeared Michael Dickert who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God and saith that about five or six years ago A Certain Will was proved before him the said deponent by a witness to the best of his Knowledge of the name of Elizr. Mobley that was to the best of his Knowledge the Last Will & Testament of John Green Deceased & that he was one of the subscribing witnesses to sd. will and this Deponent further saith that he was Authorized & Empowered by a Didimiss from the Ordinary of Charles Town.


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Summer 1980, No. 3, p.151
State of So. Carolina, Newberry County. Jacob Cromer of Newberry County, planter, for five shillings to Michael Dickert and Conrod Suber now Elders of the Presbyterian Congregation, a lot of land containing one acre whereon there is now a Church Builded for the use Benefit and Behoofs of the said Presbyterian Congregation, part of a tract of 150 acres originally granted unto John Miller 13 May 1768 recorded in Book DDD page 198…2 October 1790.



SCMAR, Vol. XIV, Fall 1986, No. 4, p.216
Writ of Partition to the said John Hampton, James McMorris, Benjamin May, James Davis and Philip Pearson to divide the five tracts of land, equally and impartially, between the aforesaid children, to wit, Milly Tolifaro Hogg, daughter of Richard Strauther, Sarah Fort Strauther, Nancy Rachel Strauther, Lucy Strauther and William Strauther, according to the prayer of the said Zachary Hogg. Commissioner to make their report to Richard Lloyd Chamption, Esquire, Commissioner of Camden Equity District, on or before the first Monday in December next. Signed by John Garlington, Esquire, Commissioner in Equity, at Laurens Court House on 12 June 1806, and by the Compts. Solr. Who signed his name FARROW. (P. 139) The five commissioners appointed to divide the land were sworn in by Michl Dickert, J. P. of the aforesaid Dist. (name of District left blank) on 17 Oct. 1806. (Michael Dickert lived in Newberry Dist.)


Marriages & Deaths, Columbia, SC Newspapers, 1838-1860, p.23
On Sunday evening, the 7th inst., at Squire Folk's Store, by Peter Dickert, Esq., Mr. Michael Cromer, to Miss Celia, youngest daughter of the late Capt. George Kinard, all of Newberry District.


SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Summer 1980, No. 3, p.151
The above congregation was probably located near Broad River a few miles west of St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, S. C. Since St. John's was originally a Reformed congregation, likely these members formed a new church. Peter Dickert (witness to the above marriage) was an elder of St. John's church in 1763, along with John Adam Epting, to whom the land where St. John's church now is, was granted. Any additional information on the above church will be welcomed.


Baptist Marriages and Deaths, South Carolina, 1835-1865, p.90
On Wednesday evening, 7th inst., by Rev. W. P. Counts, at Capt. H. Dickert's, Mr. Wm. Long to Miss Sarah Dickert, all of Newberry District, S. C.


Baptist Marriages and Deaths, South Carolina, 1835-1865, p.91
On Wednesday evening, 7th Sept., at Captain H. Dickert's, by P. W. Counts, Esq., Mr. William Long to Miss Sarah Dickert, all of Newberry district.


SCMAR, Vol. VII, Summer 1979, No. 3, p.175
206 4. John McMahen vs. Jeremiah Able. Debt by note, for four cows and calves valued by McMahen at £ 10 Pet & Sum. Copy of the note On or before the 20 of June I promise to pay or cause to be paid unto John McMahen, or his order, four cows and calves of the common sort, it being for value received, as witness my hand this 9th day of May, 1793


SCMAR, Vol. XI, Winter 1983, No. 1, p.20
Page 101: To daughter Mary Mordock 50 acres of my tract joining Walter Harbour, Joseph Furman and Samuel Dundins to her and her husband William Mordock and after it shall be sold and equally divided among the children. Jane Lesler £ 24 sterling. Cattle left as they are now. Movable estate be equally divided among my 4 children Samuel Ruble, Susannah McDowell, Jane Lester, Mary Mordock. The — left to me by my father in Frederick County Virginia near Winchester with other debts to be taken and equally divided as aforesaid executors - Samuel Ruble, William McDowell, Peter Lester and William Mordock. 24th of tenth ___ 1789.


SCMAR, Vol. XI, Winter 1983, No. 1, p.55
EDWARDS. Mrs. Mamie Edwards Quisenberry (5140 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008) seeks info of Samuel Edwards and wife Hannah, sold land Newberry Co. SC 1791 to David Edwards. Samuel died Newberry Co. SC ca 1799, dau. Sarah m. John Lester, Newberry Co. 1788, brother of John Lester witnessed deed from Samuel to David. Was David a son of Samuel? Samuel was son of Joseph Edwards who d. 1797 Berkeley Co. W. Virginia. David possibly had brothers Charles and Thomas, all believed to have been Loyalists. The Lester’s were Loyalists. David and Mary Patty Edwards went to Greenville Co. SC, then to Darke Co. Ohio ca 1806 with the Quakers. Would like to hear from anyone having any information on any of this family.


SCMAR, Vol. VI, Fall 1978, No. 4, p.224
Pp. 28-29: Will of Edward Musgrove of Enoree in Laurens County… to son Edwards Beaks Musgrove, £ 50 sterling…to my little son William Musgrove, my dwelling plantation, mill & all the land…to my daughter Rebecca Cannon, £ 20…to my daughter Mary Berry, £ 20…five slaves (named)…her seven children William, Margret, Ann, Hannah, Leah, Rachael and Lincy…wife Ann with Thomas Crosby of Broad River, Exrs… 25 Aug 1790. Edward Musgrove (Seal), Wit: George Gordon, John Hanna, Alexr. Morrison, John George.


SCMAR, Vol. VI, Fall 1978, No. 4, p.224
Pp. 29-30: An account of the appraisement of the Estate of Edwd. Musgrove decd. includes six Negroes (named), Total £ 861. 15.-. Robert Hannah, Benja. Adair, Roger Brown.