The Bakers
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The Baker family came to Lexington County via Georgetown, South Carolina.

William (1759-1829) married Barbara ?(1767-1818). I can only find one son for them, William Samuel (c1778-1816).He was married to Catherine Gartman  (born c1780). William (1800-1822), John Rufus (1805-1823), Gethsey (1806-1883), Charlotte (1808-?), Emelia (1811-?), and John James Jefferson Baker (1814-1896).

John James Jefferson married Matilda King (1828-1894) daughter of Abraham King (1796-1855) and Mary Magdalena Price (1800-1842). They had 6 children:  William D. (1852-?), John Ada (1855-1944), Martha (c1859-?), A. E. (c1861-?), Solamon O. (c1865-?), and Frances (c1864-?). Eventually settling in Edgefield County, South Carolina, they are buried at Soule's Chapel United Methodist Church near Cross Hill, Laurens Count, South Carolina.


John Ada Baker (1855-1944) married Emma Alice Connelly (1854-1933) and settled in Prosperity, South Carolina. John Ada was a cotton buyer and had a fine home in town.

Emma was the daughter of John Attwood Connelly and Martha Lester.

Ada and Emma had 9 children: Ida Elizabeth, Robert Lawson, Motte Memucan, Ella Dinkie, Jeff L., Lillie Alma, Leila Belle, Young Berris, and Carrie Hattie. Jeff and Lillie were twins. Jeff accidentally shot and killed Lillie when they were playing with an old musket. All of them except for Lawson are buried in Bethel Baptist Church cemetery in Prosperity, South Carolina. Ella, Leila, Motte, and Carrie all died of either the flu epidemic or the typhoid epidemic.

(Lillie Alma, Motte Memucan, Young Berris, and Carrie Hattie Baker)


(Robert Lawson, Leila Belle, Jeff L., and twins Jeff L. and Lillie Alma Baker)

Ida Elizabeth Baker (1877-1962) married William Henry Long (1865-1949). They had 10 children : Lila Ruth (1904-1989), William Wallace (1905-1905), Curtis Derieux (1906-1967), Furman Brady (1907-1973), Carrie Leila (1909-1995), Ashley Cody (1911-1944), Grace Addy (1912-1999), Ida Nell (1916-2000), Nan Elise (1916-1996), and Hance Iradell (1918- ). Nan and Nell were twins.

Curtis Derieux (1906-1967) married Mary Rilla Shealy (1906-1998). They had two sons: Young Derieux (1931- ) and William Wendell (1937- ).

(Emma Alice Connelly and John Ada Baker)

The Baker Family Home in Prosperity, South Carolina.

It burned along with the town in 1930.

Baker/Long Family Reunion c.1936


Soloman O. Baker Family


Soloman O. Baker and Beulah Norwood Baker

Soloman was the son of John James Jefferson Baker and was born in c.1863. He settled in the Iva section of South Carolina in Anderson County.  Soloman and Beulah had five children: Bessie Mae (1887-1938), Benjamin Lee (1890-1973), Carrie Belle (1891-1988), John Edwards (1893-1954), and George Samuel (1897-1980).  At some point in time, Soloman left to go on a cotton buying trip and never returned. It was rumored he settled with another wife out towards Texas but no one knows for sure. He may have died on the road and never identified. His family doesn't like to talk about the circumstances surrounding Soloman.


(thanks to Shane Baker for the photos of Soloman and Beulah)