The Bundricks
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The graves of Louisa Rebecca Palefie Lever and George Adam Bundrick.

George Adam Bundrick



The graves of Mary Jane Busbee and William Arthur Bundrick.



The grave of Jacob Bundrick (infant)



Martha Louvenia Bundrick. Daughter of George Adam and wife of Paul Washington Stribble, Jr.


The Bundricks 1895-1898

Many branches of the Bundrick family are still throughout the Newberry Country. A few of these are Stribble, Fuller, Pruitt, Longshore, Rayfield, Lever, Shealy, and Jones.

‘A Tale Of How Things Were’

Nancy O’dell Bundrick (May 1, 1844-July 14, 1911) was married to a Bundrick who went off to fight in the Civil War and ‘he hung up his hat on the back porch and he told her, “Della, now when I come back if my hat ain’t hanging there, I’ll know some other man’s been here and I’m going off and you ain’t gonna know where I’m at.”’ The war passed. He did not return. Della and John W. Summer (March 27, 1848-Feruary 18,1917) set up house. One day Mr. Bundrick showed up. He didn’t kiss Della or anything. He asked ‘Della, where’s my hat?’ She said ‘You know what you said when you left? I pitched it in the yard.’ So, away he went, some say towards Columbia to start another set of Bundricks. So, Grandpa and Grandma Summer were together until she died in Mollohon in 1911. Grandpa died in 1917. (Told by Norma Smith, the great granddaughter of Nancy Odella Bundrick Summer, and recorded by Silvia Lee Rayfield Campbell, her great-great granddaughter.)

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NOTE: Nancy Della Ridlehuber married Henry Arthur Bundrick. She is buried at Caper’s Chapel United Methodist Church near the Richland County line in Newberry County, South Carolina with her second husband, John W. Summer. They were the parents of George Adam Bundrick, father of Martha Louvenia Bundrick Stribble, wife of Paul Washington Stribble, Jr.

I have yet to locate the gravesite of Henry Arthur Bundrick. It is either unmarked, or somewhere in Richland or Lexington County of South Carolina. He served in the 13th South Carolina Infantry, Company H during the Civil War. His dates are: 02 Mar 1839-13 Jul 1908.

UPDATE: Henry Arthur Bundrick is buried in Fairfield County, South Carolina in the Wyrick Cemetery with his second wife, Caroline Wyrick.

When Henry went off to fight in the Civil War, he told his wife Della that he was going to hang his hat on the back porch. If he came back, and his hat was gone, he was going to know someone else had been there. After the war, it was some years before he returned. He asked Della, without so much as kissing her, ‘where’s my hat?’. She told him ‘remember what you said when you left? Well I threw it out in the yard.’ He was gone so long, Della married John W. Summer. She had not heard from Henry and didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. She remarried and moved to Newberry where she and John lived until they both died: she in 1911 and he in 1917.



Graves of Henry Arthur Bundrick and second wife Caroline Nancy Wyrick.Buried in the Wyrick Cemetery in the Cedar Grove section of Richland/Fairfield Counties.



Graves of Nancy Della Ridlehuber Bundrick Summer with her second husband, John W. Summer. Della's first husband was Henry Arthur Bundrick.