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The Derrick Family

The Derrick family of the SC Dutch Fork is described by Charles A. Derrick in "The Derrick Family" (1991). This family traces its origins to the German immigrants, John Melchior Derrick and Jacob Derrick. These two men had settled by the early 1760s in the area of old Bethel Church, High Hill Creek section of the Dutch Fork and are believed to be buried on their land in this neighborhood, now under Lake Murray. Another recent publication on the Derrick Family History "Homespun" by Carroll K. Derrick.

John Melchior and Jacob Derrick were the sons of a widow Derick, age 26, who arrived on the "Two Brothers" at St. Simon's Island, GA, 7 Oct 1738 with four children Elizabeth, age 8; Malchier, age 7; Jacob, age 5; and Margaretta, age 1 (E. M. Coulter & A. B.Saye, "The Germans of Colonial Georgia, 17331783). They are described as Palatines and widow Derrick was assigned to work out her bond on St. Simon's Island, the site of Fort Frederica.

John Melchior Derrick, b. abt 1731, d. abt 1797, m. Anna Barbara Kelly, b. abt 1741, d. abt 1816, d/o John Jacob Khele/Kelly. SC Quit Rents for 1772 indicate that John (Melchior) Derrick owned 50 acres part of the land grant of John Ragnores, Sr. on High Hill Cr. An additional nearby 100 acre tract was granted 1773 to Barbara Kelly and later shown as being owned by heirs of John Melchior Derrick. In 1797 Jacob Kelly signed over title to a 62 acre tract he had been granted to John, Thomas, and Andrew Derrick (Brent H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC, 18141825). These three men were sons of John Melchior Derrick and Anna Barbara Kelly.


I. George Derrick, b. about 1765, d. 1820, m. Sabina Harmon, d/o John Leonard Harmon. Land on Cedar Cr. br. of High Hill Cr. was conveyed to Melchur Derrick and from Melchur to George and from heirs of George Derrick to Godfrey Derrick who sold the land in 1857 to John Swigert (Lexington Deeds U157).

   A. John Harmon Derrick, d. 17 Sept 1825, m. Elizabeth Wise.

   B. Mary Derrick, m. Daniel Bouknight.

   C. George John Derrick, b. Dec 1790, d. 9 Nov 1870, m. Anna Maria Wise.

   D. Andrew Derrick, b. 1794, d. 17 Jan 1871, m. 20 Jan 1825, Catherine Kleckley. Moved Henry Co., GA.

   E. Godfrey Derrick, b. 15 Dec 1795, d. 22 March 1873, m. Kesiah Smith.

   F. Frederick W. Derrick, m. Sally __.

   G. Anna Barbara Derrick, b. 7 Nov 1799, d. 20 Apr 1883, m. 4 Aug 1823, Jacob Stingley. Moved to Attala Co., MISS.


II. Anna Maria (Mary) Derrick, b. about 1767, married Andrew Caughman, s/o Hans Jurg Caughman.

   A. Barbara Caughman, b. about 1785, m. Absolom Roberts. Moved to Scott Co., MISS.

   B. John Caughman, b. about 1787, d. 1853, m. Catherine Risinger.

   C. Catherine Caughman, b. about 1792, m. Uriah Bickley.

   D. Elizabeth Caughman, b. 15 June 1793, d. 17 Sept 1875, m. Acel Roberts.

   E. Jacob D. Caughman, b. 19 Jan 1796, d. 16 Sept 1860, m. (1) ____ Shealy, (2) Catherine Kinard,        and (3) Elizabeth Wise Derrick, widow of John Harmon Derrick.

   F. Daniel Caughman, b. about 1800, d. about 1864, m. Mary Shealy.

  G. Rev. Emanuel Caughman, b. 9 Jan 1802, d. 29 Dec 1881, m. (1) Susannah Black, (2) Nancy          Derrick, d/o Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller, and (3) Anna Gates.

   H. Jemima Caughman, b. about 1805, d. 14 Feb 1877, m. John Black.

III. Anna Katherine Derrick, b. about 1768, d. about 1829, believed to have married Thomas Smith.

     A. Jemima Smith, m. 27 Nov 1821, (1) Jacob Bickley, Sr., and (2) Jesse Swygert

     B. Jacob Wesley Smith, b. 10 Nov 1809, d. 16 Jan 1874, m. 9 Feb 1830, Mary Anna Bickley

IV. Anna Barbara Derrick, b. 17 June 1770, d. 15 March 1858, m. (1) John Drafts, d. 18 Dec 1805, s/o George Drafts and Sophia Earnhart. Anna Barbara Derrick Drafts married (2), as his second wife, Lawrence Corley.

   A. Catherine Drafts, b. about 1788, d. 1 Dec 1873, m. (1) Jacob Boozer and (2) William Seay

   B. Jacob Drafts, b. 1793, m. Christina __

   C. Nancy Corley

   D. Sally Corley

   E. Elijah Corley

   F. Jemima Corley

   G. William Corley

   H. Thomas Corley

   I. Mary Ann Corley, b. about 1814, m. Christian Frank

   J. Rebecca Corley, m. William Taylor.

V. Thomas Derrick, b. about 1774, d. about 1858, m. Catherine Monts, b. about 1776, d. about 1861, d/o George Monts, Sr. They at first lived near the present city ofLexington then moved about 1826 to the Cedar Grove Church section of Lexington Co.

     A. Daniel Derrick, b. 12 Oct 1800, d. 5 Sept 1883, m. (1) Mary Magdalene Black, and (2) Nancy Stingley.

   B. Samuel Derrick, b. 21 Dec 1801, d. 15 Nov 1855, m. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Shealy.

   C. Rebecca Derrick, b. 15 July 1803, m. Jacob Vansant.

   D. Anna Barbara (Nancy) Derrick, b. 10 Feb 1805, d. 16 May 1862, m. 26 Feb 1829, John Martin Swygert. Moved to Smith Co., MISS.

   E. Christena Derrick, b/ 3 July 1808, d. 28 Sept 1893.

   F. Lewis B. Derrick, 1 Nov 1811, d. 27 Apr 1854, m. Elizabeth Shealy.

   G. Joseph Derrick, b. 20 Jan 1813, d. 1865, m. Martha Elizabeth Lindler.

   H. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Derrick, b. 15 May 1814, d. 1 June 1893.

   I. Elizabeth Derrick, b. 1 Jan 1820, d. 28 July 1886, m. Luke Nichols.

   J. William Thomas Derrick, b. 3 July 1822, d. 25 Oct 1893, m. (1) Reba Roberts, and (2) Lucinda E. Moore Crout.

VI.  John Derrick, b. about 1775, d. 1 Oct 1855. Did not marry. An 1839 will of John Derrick was preserved among the records of Lawyer Fox of Lexington Dist. (Duke University Library). In this will John Derrick names all his brothers and sisters. John Derrick lived on his parent's land near the location of old Bethel Church.