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Frick Family in Germany and US

Valuable information on the early Frick family has been provided by Mr. Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Germany. Based upon the information provided by Mr. Frick from his research, we are able to provide a much earlier look at the Frick family.

Five generations of ancestry of the Frick family prior to the immigrant, Johann Thomas Frick born 1712 coming to South Carolina beginning with Michael Frick died before1603 Erpfingen, Germany.  Michael Frick and wife, Anna and had seven children. 

    Nicknames appear in parenthesis.  Occupations were translated and provided by Mr. Frick. See below for further information on the immigrant, Johann Thomas Frick's descendants.

Descendants of Michael Frick and wife, Anna

I. Waldtburga Frick born 1573 Erpfingen, Germany, died 6 June 1611 Erpfingen, Germany; married Hans Batzer.

II.  Anna Frick born 1574 Erpfingen, Germany.

III.  Barbara Frick born 1575 Erpfingen, Germany, died 26 August 1618 Erpfingen, Germany; married Michael Schanz.

IV.  Maria Frick born 1575 Erpfingen, Germany, married Martin Schweikardt.

V.  Anna Lucia Frick born 1580 Erpfingen, Germany.

VI. Hans (Casimir) Frick - occupation: Tailor, born after 1581 Erpfingen, Germany, died 26 July 1622 Erpfingen, Germany; married 11 June 1605, Agnes Balinger in Erpfingen, Germany. She was died 26 December 1630 and was the daughter of Hans Balinger.

A. Johannes Frick born 30 May 1606 Erpfingen, Germany

B. Michael Frick born 6 September 1607 Erpfingen, Germany, died 20 November 1610 Erpfingen, Germany

C.  Anna Frick born 27 January 1609 Erpfingen, Germany, died June 1610 Erpfingen, Germany.

D. Anna Frick born 17 October 1610 Erpfingen, Germany.

E. Johannes Frick born 13 December 1611 Erpfingen, Germany.

F.  Barbara Frick born 19 January 1613 Erpfingen, Germany, died 29 October 1613 Erpfingen, Germany.

G. Michael Frick born 8 March 1614 Erpfingen, Germany.

H.  Barbara Frick born 16 October 1615 Erpfingen, Germany, died 5 December 1630 Erpfingen, Germany.

I. Jakob Frick born 2 July 1617 Erpfingen, Germany, died 26 March 1704 Erpfingen, Germany; married 1) Catharina _______; married 2) 25 July 1676, Anna Lorch in Erpfingen, Germany and married 3) 1683, Agatha Dauser in Erpfingen, Germany.

Children by 1st wife Catharina:

1.  Johannes Frick, occupation: Innkeeper - born 19 September 1645 Erpfingen, Germany, died 6 March 1687 Erpfingen, Germany; married 6 October 1668 Maria Lorch in Erpfingen, Germany.  She was born about 1640, died 3 Februray 1719 Erpfingen, Germany and a daughter of Hans Lorch.  Maria Lorch Frick married 2) 4 November 1688, Christoph Schurer (occupation: innkeeper) in Erpfingen, Germany.

a. Johann Jakob Frick, occupation: barber and surgeon - born about 1668 (exact date not listed) Erpfingen, Germany, died 14 May 1722 Erpfingen, Germany; married Christina Catharina ______.

b. Anna Maria Frick born 2 December 1670 Erpfingen, Germany, died 12 July 1756 Erpfingen, Germany; married 10 November 1691, Hans Jakob Schweikardt (occupation; ___________) in Erpfingen, Germany.

c.  Hans Martin Frick, occupation: farmer - born 9 November 1672 Erpfingen, Germany, died 10 December 1744 Erpfingen, Germany; married 12 Novebmer 1695 Anna Barbara Riesch in Erpfingen, Germany.

d. Hans Georg Frick, occupation: Innkeeper - born 29 April 1674 Erpfingen, Germany, died 6 February 1741 Erpfingen, Germany; married 21 May 1695, Anna Maria Weißhardt in Erpfingen, Germany.

e. Johannes (Schuhmacherle) Frick, occupation: Shoemaker - born December 1676 Erpfingen, Germany, died 23 March 1749 Erpfingen, Germany; married 25 October 1701 Maria ______ in Erpfingen, Germany.

f. Hans Michael Frick, occupation: Oil Miller - born 20 June 1679 Erpfingen, Germany, died 15 August 1750 Erpfingen, Germany; married 9 May 1702 Catharina Weißhardt in Erpfingen, Germany.

g. Anna Catharina Frick born 5 August 1681 Erpfingen, Germany, died 17 December 1759 Erpfingen, Germany; married 25 February 1705, Hans Jerg (Pfeifers) Frick in Erpfingen, Germany.

h.  Johann Thomas Frick born 21 December 1682 Erpfingen, Germany, died 7 May 1733 Erpfingen, Germany; married 12 February 1709 Agnes Walter in Erpfingen, Germany.  She was born 1689 Undingen, Germany, died 29 April 1730 Erpfingen, Germany, daughter of Jörg Walter.

i. Agnesa Frick born 10 May 1709 Erpfingen, Germany, died 23 July 1713 Erpfingen, Germany.

ii. Anna Barbara Frick born 8 October 1710 Erpfingen, Germany, died 11 August 1785 Erpfingen, Germany; married 7 February 1735, Johann Phillipp Steck (occupation: Colourer- color coordinator) in Erpfingen, Germany.

iii. Johann Thomas Frick born 10 July 1712 Erpfingen, Germany; married Anna Catharina Batzer.  Thomas Frick is our immigrant that settled in the Dutch Fork area of SC. (See Thomas Frick Family bio for more information)

iv.  Maria Agnesa Frick born 4 July 1714 Erpfingen, Germany, died 10 April 1790 Erfingen, Germany; married 1) 21 October 1738, Johannes (Hempele) Frick (occupation: Judge); she married 2) Johann Jakob Batzer (occupation: Farmer)

v.  Johannes Frick born 7 November 1716 Erpfingen, Germany

vi. Johann Georg Frick born 7 May 1718 Erpfingen, Germany, died 31 March 1719 Erpfingen Germany.

vii. Anna Frick born 28 January 1720 Erpfingen, Germany

viii.  Anna Catharina Frick born 31 October 1721 Erpfingen, Germany, married 14 April 1750,

Johannes Beyer (occupation: Cartwright) in Erpfingen, Germany

ix. Johann Friedrich Frick born 24 October 1723 Erpfingen, Germany.

x.  Anna Maria Frick born 12 May 1726 Erpfingen, Germany, died 24 January 1792 Erpfingen, Germany; married 21 January 1750, Johann Georg Schmid (occupation: Weaver) in Erpfingen, Germany.

xi.  Johannes Frick born 30 January 1728 Erpfingen, Germany.

xii.  Christina Frick born November 1729 Erpfingen, Germany, died 2 February 1796 Erpfingen, Germany

i.  Hans Friedrich Frick born August 1684 Erpfingen, Germany, died 2 November 1685 Erpfingen, Germany.

j. Christina Frick born 4 August 1686 Erpfingen, Germany, died before 1721; married 14 February 1708, Johannes Riesch in Erpfingen, Germany.

2. Agnes Frick born 1647 Erpfingen, Germany, died 9 December 1715 Erpfingen, Germany; married 1) 7 May 1672 Martin Straubinger in Erpfingen, Germany; married 2) 2 November 1675, Hans Jakob Binder in Erpfingen, Germany.

3.  Hans Jakob Frick born 22 December 1650 Erpfingen, Germany.

4. Maria Frick born 13 February 1652 Erpfingen, Germany, died 13 February 1727 Erpfingen, Germany; married 11 May 1674, Has Jerg Dreher in Erpfingen, Germany.

5.  Ephrosina Frick born 17 February 1656 Erpfingen, Germany, died 4 August 1732 Erpfingen, Germany; married 30 October 1683, Georg Speidel in Erpfingen, Germany.

J. Ursula Frick born 16 May 1621 Erpfingen, Germany died May 1622 Erpfingen, Germany.

VII. Michael Frick, born after 1581 Erpfingen, Germany, died 21 September 1623 Erpfingen, Germany; married 31 January 1615, ______ Waltpurga in Erpfingen, Germany.

The town of Erpfingen, Germany is now known as Sonnenbühl which is located south of Reutlingen, Germany. A map locating Erpfingen can also be obtained at Expedia.comby searching as Erpfingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

**A special thanks to Chris Prince and Mr. Richard Whittle for their help with translating some of the Old German occupations**.


Contributor:  Herr Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Germany

Thank you so very much for providing this information to the

Dutch Fork Chapter website.

Bio was last updated on: November 4, 2002


The above information from Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Germany provides us with additional valuable assets to the Thomas Frick family.  The church records show Thomas Frick being recorded as Johann Thomas Frick born 10 July 1712 in Erpfingen, Germany, son of Johann Thomas Frick and Agnes Walter.  He married Anna Catharina Batzer.

The family of  Thomas Frick arrived in SC on the Priscilla. He petitioned in 1754 for bounty with wife and 3 children, Agnes 18; Thomas 10 and Hans Jacob 3.  Thomas Frick was awarded a 250 acre bounty grant on waters of Camping Creek near present day St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church.

Family of Thomas Frick

I. Agnes Frick, born 16 June 1735 Erpfingen, Germany. (Church records of Erpfingern, Germany and Council Journal records of SC; came with parents to America)

II. Johannes Frick born 16 July 1737 Erpfingen, Germany died 20 January 1742 Erpfiingen, Germany.
(Church records have his birth and death dates recorded.)

III. Johann Georg Frick born 7 July 1740 Erpfingen, Germany died 26 December 1751 Erpfingen, Germany. (Church records have his birth and death dates recorded.)

IV. Thomas Frick born 24 August 1743 Erpfingen, Germany, died 1829, married 1) 26 May 1767 in Charleston, SC, Anna Maria Rittheimer Werner (her second husband) (St. John's Lutheran Church,

Charleston, SC records as Widow Werner).   He married 2) 24 August 1816, Susannah Long Cromer, daughter of John Jacob Long and Elizabeth Hair, and widow of John Michael Cromer. (Birth date recorded in Erpfingen church records; came to America with parents).

  In 1787, Thomas Frick, Jr. obtained a 250 acre survey near the early bounty grant of his father. In 1814, Thomas Frick, Jr. gave half of this survey to daughter, Margaret Agness Hartman (Newberry Deeds K-447). In the same year Thomas Frick deeded 120 acres of land to Caty Frick and 78 acres to Christena Shealy (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825). Christena Shealy was the wife of John Jacob Shealy and probably the sister of Elizabeth Counts, second wife of Thomas Frick, III.

Thomas Frick, Jr. was a founding trustee of St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church (1794), Chapin, SC.

Children by Anna Maria Ann Rittheimer:

A. Thomas Frick, III, born 26 April 1769, died 12 December 1860. married 1) Katherine Fikes; married 2) Elizabeth Counts, born about 1774, died 7 January 1862. Buried with second wife in Frick Family cemetery.  Thomas Frick had 4 sons and 6 daughters.

Children by Katherine Fikes.

1. Thomas Frick, IV, born 1792, died 1874, married Elizabeth (Becky)Ballentine, born about 1804, died February 1854, daughter of William Ballentine and Anna Rosannah Ridlehoover. Buried family cemetery, now under Lake Murray.

a. Thomas Frick, Jr. born 3 April 1821, died 14 October 1896.

b. Rosannah Frick, born 13 April 1823, died 7 May 1904, married Daniel Shealy, born about 1822, died CSA, son of William Shealy and Mary Magdalena (Polly) Werts.

c. Elias Frick, born about 1827, married 18 February 1847, Lucinda Lybrand, born about 1828.

d. Capt. Robert W. Frick,  born  20 September 1836, died 14 November 1907, married 22 December 1857, Barbara Malinda Wessinger, born 12 April 1840, died 11 August1907, daughter of Jacob Wessinger and Sally Koon. Buried St Thomas Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

e. Kissiah C. Frick, born 6 March 1830, died 10 May 1905, married John Wiley Amick, born 29 February 1828, died 5 November 1887, son of John Jacob Amick and Jemima Long.

f. Julia Caroline Frick, born 2 October 1833, died 26 November 1893, married 26 March 1857, David Frederick Wessinger, born 29 November 1833, died 27 November 1898, son of  Jacob Wessinger and Sally Koon.

g. James Noah Frick, born about 1839, married 1 November 1850, Amanda Vansant, born about 1839, daughter of Isaiah Vansant and Nancy Addy.

Children by Elizabeth Counts

2. Jacob Frick, born about 1797, married 22 January 1822, Christina Lever, born 11 June 1804, daughter of George Henry Lever and Mary Magdelena Chapman.

a. Lavinia Frick, born 30 December 1826, died 3 February 1905. Did not marry.  Buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

b. Samuel Jesse Frick, born 3 December 1829, died 7 May 1892, married Harriet S. Koon, born 31 March 1838, died 1 July 1909, daughter of John Koon and Annie Wessinger.

Both buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran  Church, Chapin, SC.

c. William D. Frick, born 3 December 1833, died 11 October 1901, married Nancy Boland, born about 1843, daughter of Joseph Boland and wife, Magdalene ___ .  Both buried Frick Cemetery.

d. Levi Archibald Frick, born 8 October 1839, died 7 March 1915, married Mary Jane Vansant, born 19 February 1847, died 2 June 1929, daughter of Isaiah Vansant and Nancy Addy. Both buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

3. Mary Frick, born 5 November 1804, died 12 January 1903. Did not marry. Buried Frick Family Cemetery.

4. John Frick, born 4 May 1807, died 9 November 1893, married 1) Elvira Lybrand, died bef. 1850; married 2) Jemima ___; married 3) Anna Lindler McCartha, born 5 December 1825, daughter of John Lindler and Mary Magdalene Aull and widow of Joshua McCartha.

a. Jacob Frick, born 26 June 1829, died 11 January 1893. Did not marry.  Buried St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Blythewood, Richland County, SC.

b. Sarah Elizabeth Frick, born 16 June 1831, died 20 October 1907, married 1) James Wessinger, born about 1835, died CSA, son of Mahala Wessinger; married 2) Luther F. Seay, born 19 February 1844, died 4 January 1933, son of Mountain Seay and Caroline Wessinger.

c. Joseph S. Frick, born 3 January 1830, died 30 November 1915, married Annie Louise Warner, born 11 December 1840, died 24 December 1938. Both buried St. Andrew Lutheran Church Cemetery, Richland County, SC.

d. Mary Frick, born about 1836, married Jacob Wise.

e. Harriet Frick, born about 1840.

5. Anna Barbara Frick, born 7 October 1812, died 17 November 1894, buried Boland Cemetery #2.

6. Adam Frick, born 4 January 1816, died 14 August 1891, married 12 December 1844, Elizabeth Bowers, born 7 January 1826, died 25 October 1889.  Buried Frick Family Cemetery.  They had 8 sons and 5 daughters.

a. Louisa E. Frick, born 15 October 1842, died 3 March 1871, married (as first wife) Samuel Godfrey Kleckley,  born 5 April 1830, died 7 April 1895, son of Henry Kleckley.

b. Susanna Elizabeth Frick, born 9 May 1844, died 22 February 1921. Did not marry. Buried Frick Family cemetery.

c. Abraham Simeon Frick, born 22 April 1846, died 6 January 1920, married 22 January 1864, Barbara Elizabeth Koon, born 11 May 1844, died 26 February 1928, daughter of John Koon and Annie Wessinger. Both buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

d. Job David Frick, born 14 February 1848, died 8 November 1922, married 7 January 1892, Josephine Stillwell, born 15 February 1869, died 10 August 1958, daughter of Capt. Thomas T. Stillwell and Mary Dennis. Both buried St. Peter's (PineyWoods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

e. Mary M. Frick, born 12 March 1850, died 13 March 1896, married 26 November 1874, John Adam Shealy, born 3 March 1850, died 24 October 1937, son of George Henry Shealy and Sarah Monts.

f. Anna (Ann) Frick born 1852. (appears in HH# 741 in 1860 & HH# 1786 in 1870 Lexington County Census)

g. John Frick born 1854 (appears in HH# 741 in 1860 & HH# 1786 in 1870 Lexington County Census)

h. Nathan Thomas Frick, born 1 August 1856, died 11 September 1862.

i. George Malanthon Frick, born 17 December 1858, died 23 September 1862. (listed as Manthero in HH# 741 Lexington County Census)

j. James Adam Frick, born 6 March 1861, died 2 October 1862. (listed as John Adam Frick page 166 in 1850 Lexington County (annotated) census notes)

k. Walter Elijah Frick, born 15 February 1863, died 17 June 1931, married Emma B. Haltiwanger born 22 August 1868 died 3 December 1945.  Both are buried at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

7. Martha Ella Frick, born 14 December 1864, died 21 June 1868.m.  Bennett Frick born about 1869. (appears in HH# 1786 in 1870 Lexington County Census)

8. Elizabeth Frick. Buried Frick Family cemetery.

B. Johannes Frick born 7 October 1771 died 14 February 1772.

C. Christian Frick, born1773, died 1850. Did not marry.

D. Elizabeth Frick, born 18 August 1778, married October 1797, Ulrick Mayer, Jr., born 10 December 1771, son of Ulrick Mayer, Sr. and Maria Agnes Geiselhart. (Mayer Bible Record: Anno Domini 1771 on the 10th day of December was born Ulrich Mayer, Jur. his father was Ulrich Mayer, Ser and his mother Mary Agens Geiselhart, sponsors in Baptism were Benedict Koon and his wife.  Anno Domini 1778 on the 18th day of August was born Elisabeth Frick her father was Thomas Frick and her mother Anna Mary Rittheimer, sponsors in Baptism were Henry Aunsel and his wife Christena. Anno Domini 1797 in the month of October the above named Ulrich Mayer and Elisabeth Frick were joined in Holy Matrimony and were blessed with an off spring of four children of which two died in their infancy and commenced a blessed eternity.  Soli Deo Gloria).

1. John Mayer, born 27 December 1804, died 17 December 1895, married 1) Catherine Wertz, born 20 March 1805, died 8 November 1826, daughter of George Henry Wertz and Molly Singley; married 2) Christener Wertz, born 7 April 1808, died  9 February 1897, sister of Catherine Wertz. All buried Mayer Family cemetery.

2. Christener Mayer, born about 1805, died 9 November 1855, married John M. Fikes, born about 1795, died 4 December 1854.   Buried Sease-Fikes Cemetery, Lexington County, SC.

E. Margaret Agnes Frick, married William Hartman.

F. Catherine Frick.

V. Johann Friedrich Frick born 7 March 1746 Erpfingen, Germany, died 26 December 1746 Erpfingen, Germany (birth and death dates are recorded in the Erpfingen Church book.)

VI. Johann Friedrich Frick born 28 January 1750 Erpfingen, Germany died 20 April 1750 Erpfingen, Germany. (birth and death dates are recorded in the Erpfingen Church book.)

VII. Hans Jacob Frick, born 7 December 1750 Erpfingen, Germany (Birth record recorded in Erpfingen Church book; came to America with parents; German Fusilier in Charleston); married 10 October 1774 in Charleston, SC, Christina Hinckel, daughter of Jakob Hinckel.(LDS Film # 0023357 in Stuttgart, Germany of St. John Lutheran Church, Corner of Clifford St. and Archdale, Charleston, SC 1765-1787)

A. Anna Catharina Frick born 17 September 1775.

B. Christina Frick born 17 May 1777.

C. Elisabeth Frick born 7 August 1781.

VIII. Ann Catherine Frick, born 30 February 1755, died 30 December 1815, married (as second wife) Ulrick Mayer, Sr., born September 1734, died 14 December 1803, son of Andrew Mayer, Sr.

A. Christener Mayer, born 16 August 1782, died 11 February 1853.

B. Katherine Mayer, born 16 November 1787, died 14 March 1859, married John Jacob Bowers, born 6 March 1774, died 26 April 1859, son of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Barbara Herman.

C. Elizabeth Mayer, died 1825, married John Simeon Wheeler, born 30 May 1793, died 27 January 1871, son of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy.

D. Jacob Mayer, born 1 May 1793, died 24 November 1860, married 29 February 1820, Anna Mary Wertz, born 7 July 1799, died 21 July 1855, daughter of George Henry Werts and Molly Singley.

E. George Mayer, married Nancy Derrick, daughter of Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller.