The Fullers
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My Fuller line begins with Ezekiel Fuller of the Isle of Wight in the Tidewater section of Virginia. Ezekiel (1675-1723) and Deborah Spivey (1680-1744) had 12 children. They were: Henry, Ezekiel, Solomon, John, Honour, Ann, Mary, Benjamin, Arthur, Joseph, Timothy, and Martha. Ezekiel's son, Solomon(1703-1777), married Mary Jones(1710-1776) and settled in Granville County, North Carolina.

Solomon and Mary had 10 children. They were: Brittain, Israel, Barnaby, Ann, Jones, Solomon, Mary, Cracey, John, and Milly. 

Jones Fuller (1735-1818) was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. He married 3 times. First to Priscilla Harris (1731-1752) with whom he had no children. His second marriage to Ann Mann (1723-1778) produced 11 children. They were: Arthur, Isham, Celah, Mildred, Archibald, Bartholomew, Dempsey, Jones, Sara, Henry, and Jonathan. His third marriage to Sarah Bradford (1736-1800) produced 6 children. They were: Zilla, Ephraim, Jordan, Alice, Warren, and Frances. Jones eventually moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and lived there until his death.

Isham (1760-1805) was married twice. First to Elizabeth Roberts (1765-1797). They had 8 children named: Sarah, William, Jones, Martha, Israel, Peter, Archibald, and Mary Ann. His second wife was Sarah Allen (1758-1808). They had 4 children: James, Alsey, Betsey, and Isham.  Isham and his family migrated south into the Laurens District of South Carolina where he lived at the time of his death.

Alsey (1801-1879) was married three times.  By his first wife, Mary Fowler (1801-1830), he fathered two children: Perry W. and Elizabeth. By his second wife, Emily Quinn (1801-1839) he also had two children: Jones Calhoun, and Sarah. His third marriage to widow Nancy Bowman Norris (1808-1879) yielded no children. Alsey went to Meriwether County, Georgia during the land lotteries in the 1820's. He won a lot of 212 acres. He settled his family there and lived there until his death in 1879. He is buried in Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church cemetery alongside third wife Nancy.


(the grave of Alsey Fuller is located in this cemetery in Meriwether County, Georgia. His grave is the 'box type' next to the 2 children's grave in the right photo and the far right in the left photo. Thanks to Beth O. for these shots.)

Perry (1825-c1889) married Mary Jane Bearden (1829-1873) and settled in Columbia, South Carolina. His uncle, James also lived there and is probably how Perry came to be in Columbia. Perry was a hat maker by trade and had a shop on Richardson Street (now Main Street) in Columbia in 1859. Mary Jane was the daughter of Thomas Bearden. Perry and Mary Jane had 9 children: Othello, Alice, Samuel, Moses, Lillie, Willie, Charles, Frank, and Lawrence. Othello married Ruth Miller and lived in the Gilbert Hollow area of Lexington County and in Columbia, South Carolina. They had one child named Lawrence who died young. Ruth died in 1926 and Othello sometime after, as he was listed as the informant on her death certificate. She is buried at Washington Street UMC in Columbia in an unmarked grave.  Alice married Henry Payson. Samuel Thermond was still incarcerated in Sing Sing Prison in NY in 1920. Nothing is known of Moses , so it is safe to say that he either died prior to 1880 or was adopted out. Charles married Molly Gamble and settled in Bessemer City, North Carolina. Lillie married William Jenkins and lived in Gaston County, North Carolina. They became millionaires by selling property to build the city of Gastonia. Frank married Sallie Corinna B? and settled in Randolph County, North Carolina. Willie married George Ann Amick and settled in the Summerville area of South Carolina (near Peak, not near Charleston). Lawrence was married twice and lived in Imperial City, California, and in Darlington County, South Carolina where he is buried.  After his mother's death, Lawrence was listed in the 1880 census as being 'adopted' by R. B. and Ellen Lever in the Broad River township. Based on the dates for the Levers, I believe they were Pearce Butler DeKalb Lever and Ellen Summer Lever who took Lawrence in. In this same year, the James Beard household in Columbia listed Lilly Fuller and Frank Fuller as foster children.

I recently found the death certificate for Thermond Fuller and his obituary. He lived on Kirkland Avenue in the Colonial Heights section of Columbia when he died in 1929. Willie Gamuel Fuller signed his death certificate as informant and was listed, with Charles, in the obituary as his only surviving relatives (although Lawrence was still alive and living in Darlington County at this time).

Willie Gamuel (1862-1955) married George Ann Elizabeth Amick (1867-1929). They had 12 children: Mary, Herman, Cleveland, Lillie Belle, Willie, Berlie, Blanche, Annie, Berdell, Carl, Clarence, and Glenn. Mary, Herman, Annie, Willie G and George Ann are buried in the Amick Family Cemetery near their home in Richland County, South Carolina. Blanche and Carl lived in and are buried in Charlotte, North Carolina. Clarence is buried in Pomaria, South Carolina, Lillie Belle is buried in Greenlawn in Columbia, South Carolina. Berlie is buried at Rosemont Cemetery in Newberry, and Willie is buried near Blair, South Carolina. Berdell is buried at Newberry Memorial Gardens in Newberry and Glenn is buried in California.

(Willie Gamuel Fuller and George Ann Elizabeth Amick Fuller graves at front left of photo)

George Berlie Fuller (1897-1965) married Zula Odella Stribble (1902-1992) in 1919. They had 9 children: Martha, Margie, George, Elise, Paul, Bobbie, Kenneth, Elden, and Lavinia.


Obituaries of Willie Gamuel Fuller (1955) and George Ann Elizabeth Amick Fuller (1929)

Clarence O'merle, Lillie Belle, and Minnie Blanche Fuller.

Mary Elizabeth, Shelley Berdell, and Berdell as a baby.


Willie Gamuel, George Berlie, and Willie Lee Fuller.


Grandchildren of Willie G. Fuller c.1940