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Matilda King, wife of John James Jefferson Baker, was the daughter of Abraham King 1796-1855 and Mary Magdalena Price 1800-1842.

Abraham was the son of David King, a wealthy land owner in the Black Creek area of Lexington County. David was also a surveyor and his desire to build his wealth and land holdings is evident in the fact that Abraham was receiving land grants as early as the age of 16 years old. David was also enlisted in the US Army in the War of 1812, and there is an affidavit on hand that states that Abraham actually reported in his stead when he was about 18 years old and David's discharge papers were actually given to Abraham. The army just assumed because Abraham 'said' his name was David, that he actually was.

Abraham was also a major land holder in the Black Creek area. His first wife, Mary Magdalena Price bore him 9 children:

David c1818

Samuel b1820

Matilda 1828-1894 married John James Jefferson Baker, both buried at Soule's Chapel UMC church near the Newberry/Laurens county line.

Edwin 1829-1906 married Amanda Idella Clark

Caroline c1832 married Jesse Miller

Lucinda c1833 married John S. Taylor

Maria c134 married William Jackson

Eliza 1835-1896 married William Luther Miller

Mary Ann 1837-? married Isaiah Steele and died in GA.

In 1843, after Magdalena's death, Abraham married Annis Taylor 1811-1890. She bore him four daughters:

Rachel 1846-1885 married George Washington Lewis.

Leah 1848-1873 married Samuel E. Smith

Charlotte Jane 1850-1873 married John Wesley Lewis

Martha Ann 1852-1924 married George Washington Smith, Jr.

Abraham had two brothers and one sister that I have been able to locate so far: Amos, Samuel, and Elizabeth. As I continue to search these branches out, I feel quite sure that I will be able to tie in the families of Pendleton King and Dempsey R King. These two families are linked with Bethel Baptist Church in Prosperity, and I think there is a link between these King's and the Baker branch, some of which also had ties to Bethel.

The King family members are mostly buried at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Pond Branch UMC in the Gilbert/Leesville area. These two churches are about 5 miles apart on Pond Branch Road. Anis and her daughters (except for Charlotte) are buried at Pond Branch while Abraham, Magdalena and their daughters are buried at Bethlehem.

Cemetery photos will be coming shortly as soon as I can get them edited and cropped.