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Lester Family

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 642-43

Charles Lester, a native of Virginia, of English descent, came to Newberry District, S. C., about the year 1760, and served through the Revolutionary war in the American army. He married a Miss Musgrove, the happy mother of Allen, Smith, Alfred, Mibray Gilbert, Susie Havird and Mariah Boozer. Smith and Alfred moved to Alabama. Allen married Martha Dennis, who filled his house with joy and was the mother of William, James, Charlie, Alfred, George, Martha Connelly, Prudence Rodgers, Phoebe Kirkland and Jane Rikard. Wil­liam Lester (Colonel) married, first, Sallie Hunter, to whom were born Rhoda Boozer, Mary Havird and Hattie Whitman. His second wife was Hannah Young, who became the mother of Young, Marcus, Thompson, Marcellus, Abbie Dominick and Estelle. At the beginning of the Civil war Col. Wm. Lester raised a company of soldiers, over which he was elected Captain. His company was attached to the Thirteenth Regi­ment, South Carolina Volunteers, Infantry, of which regiment he was promoted to Colonel. He served through the war with distinction and marked bravery. In the troublesome days of 1876, with a company of old soldiers, he went to Columbia and tendered his services to Governor Hampton, where he remained as long as it was necessary. James Lester married, first, Elizabeth Boozer, to whom were born Allen, George and Amanda Nichols. His second wife was Polly Boozer, to whom were born Newton, Elizabeth Boozer and Fannie Boozer. George Lester married Harriet Rikard, who brought him Willie, Ella Merchant, Lillie and Mary. George Lester lost a leg in the Civil war. Young Lester (a mute from sickness) married a mute at Cedar Springs. This couple became the parents of two children, who are being taught to speak. The mute, Mrs. Lester, has passed to that country which is sometimes called the Silent Land; but in her case we hope that her tongue has been loosened, that her ears have been unstopped, so that she can hear and take part in the melodies of heaven. Thompson Lester married Elizabeth Hawkins. Allen M. Les­ter married Mrs. Rose Kibler, nee Rose Ridgell. George B. Lester married Sue Kempson. Willie Lester married Anna Hawkins.