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John Wade Belton Lever is the grandson of George Henry Lever. He was the father of Louisa Rebecca Palefie Lever who was married to George Adam Bundrick. Louisa and George Bundrick are my great great grandparents.


George Henry Lever Family

In 1785, Maria Cathrena Lang, with husband, Michael Gromer, and son, George Lever, sold land near Prosperity, SC, to James Young (Newberry Deeds A-11). The tract being sold was a 150 acre land grant of 6 April 1768 to Maria Cathrena Lang. According to the SC Provincial record, Maria Christina Lang arrived in 1766 on the Brittania with other members of the Lang family. At that time she was listed as 22 years old. and son, George Henry as 2 years old.

The son, George Henry, went by the name Lever throughout his life despite what is found in the SC Colonial record. His mother was a Lang (Long) and possibly a sister of John Jacob and Christian Lang whose families arrived at the same time. After she arrived in SC she married (as first wife), John Michael Cromer, son of John George Kromer. This record is discussed further in "A Solution to Eleanor Wicker's Cromer Puzzle," by C. W. Nichols (Dutch Fork Digest III (3), July-September 1988).

  George Henry Lever was born 11 December 1764, and died 4 April 1831. He married Mary Magdelena Chapman, born 22 October 1769, died 20 October 1833, daughter of Abraham Chapman and Ann Elizabeth Herring. In 1796, John Michael Cromer sold land on Camping Creek to Henry Lever (Newberry Deeds C-742).  In this area was the home of George Henry Lever and which is shown on Mills Map of 1825.

                                           The family of George Henry Lever

I. John Lever, born 2 December 1788, died 19 March 1817.
II. Michael Lever, born 17 October 1791, married Nancy Eleman.

A. John Lever born 1821
B. George Henry Lever born 1823 died young
C. George Henry Lever born 1826 married Margaret Burkett
D. Samuel Lever born 1828

III. Abraham Lever, born 27 October 1793, died 31 May 1805.
IV. Mary Ann Magdalena Lever, born 2 February 1796, died 29 September 1838, married 1 March 1814 (as first wife), David Wertz, born 5 January 1792, died 2 August 1867, son of George  Henry Werts and Molly Singley. Both buried Werts Family Cemetery #1.

A. Mary Magdalena Werts, born 19 February 1815. Died young.
B. Sally Werts, born 19 August 1817, died 12 January 1821.
C. Rosanna Wertz, born 21 August 1819, died after 1840, married (as second wife) Dr. Andrew Wicker, born about 1802, son of Matthias Wicker.
D. David Wertz, born 23 January 1822, died 17 October 1827.
E. Lucinda Werts, born 4 September 1824, died 13 September 1825.
F. Mary M. Werts, born 19 February 1825, died 13 September 1826.
G. Elizabeth Werts, born 7 September 1826, died 12 October 1826.
H. John Belton Werts, born 10 January 1832, married 18 December 1856, Susan Jane Pitts, born 22 July 1840, died 20 November 1880.
I. George Werts born 22 January 1835 (listed Newberry County Census household #90, genealogical data states son of David Wertz and Mary Ann Lever)
J. Andrew Werts born 1 June 1838 - 6 May 1864 CSA (listed Newberry County Census household #90, genealogical data states son of David Wertz and Mary Ann Lever)

V. William Lever, born 18 April 1798, died 16 July 1880, married Kizziah Harmon, born 23 December 1804, died 20 March 1887, daughter of John (Big John) Harmon and Rachel Busby.

A. John Wade Belton Lever, born 22 March 1822, died 9 February 1903, married 5 July 1846, Elizabeth Wicker, born 15 December 1822, died 6 April 1884, daughter of Woolrod Wicker and Elizabeth Sligh Buzaard.
B. George William Wiley Lever, born 20 March 1829, died 28 June 1859(?). Did not marry.
C. Eve Margaret Lever, born 25 June 1833, died 9 July 1887.
D. Nancy Kizziah Lever, born 16 April 1835, died 3 March 1924. Did not marry. Buried Shady Grove Methodist Church cemetery.
E. Marthianne Clarise (Clary) Lever, born 3 January 1837, died 15 December 1869.
F. Pearce Butler DeCalb Lever, born 12 January 1839, died 1 October 1918, married (1) Martha Ellen Summer Freshley, born 8 May 1841, died 2 May 1896, daughter of John Summer and Cynthia Ray and widow of Preston Freshley; married (2) Mary R. ___, born 25 February 1860, died 6 September 1941. All three buried Capers Chapel Methodist Church cemetery.
G. Pyranna Christina Lever, born 11 March 1842, died 18 February 1868, married Osman Pinckney Lindler, born 18 September 1840, died 12 May 1864, Battle of Spottsylvania Church, VA (CSA), son of John George Lindler and Amelia Bouknight.
H. Jasper David Crockett Lever, born 3 April 1844, died 19 June 1934, married December 1869, Mary Caroline Haltiwanger, born 19 February 1848, died 12 January 1924, daughter of Adam Haltiwanger and Harriet Priscilla Ray. Both buried St. Jacob's Lutheran Church cemetery, Chapin, SC.
I. Francis Asbury Washington Lever, born 18 November 1846, died 6 May 1926, married Mary Ann Elvira Derrick, born 5 July 1846, died 3 July 1875, daughter of Jacob John Derrick and Martha C. Kesler. Both buried Derrick-Lever cemetery.
J. Job Lawson Equity Lever, born 13 September 1847, died 5 May 1929, married Harriet Eugenia Derrick, born 20 August 1850, died 3 December 1938, sister of Mary Ann Elvira Derrick. Both buried Shady Grove Methodist Church cemetery.
K. Marilza Lever, born about 1851.

VI. Anna Elizabeth Lever, born 9 December 1801, died after 1870, married 3 April 1821, George Henry Wertz, born 28 January 1794, died after 1870, son of John Werts and Ann Catherine Hair.

A. Ann Elizabeth Werts, born 1 February 1822, died after 1870. Did not marry.
B. Abraham Ansley Werts, born 4 October 1823. Died young.
C. Henry Middleton Werts, born 27 December 1825, died CSA. Did not marry.
D. Wesley Harrison Werts, born 8 April 1828, died CSA. Did not marry.
E. Dr. Daniel Hilliard Werts, born 14 August 1830, died 10 September 1900, married Irene Mahala Kibler, born 11 June 1842, died 23 November 1920, daughter of Capt. John Adam Kibler and Bath Sheba Maffett. Both buried St. Paul's Lutheran Church cemetery.
F. Owington Simeon Werts, born 26 November 1834, died 18 March 1924, married 21 December 1865, Ann Flizabeth Taylor, born 14 February 1848, died 8 February 1926. Moved to Edgefield County, SC..
G. Lucinda Werts, born 1836, died 1922, married (as first wife), Robert Livingston, born about 1824, died after 1870, son of John Livingston and Margaret Maffett.
H. Louisa Adline Werts, born 9 September 1837, died 20 April 1909, married James W. Wicker, born 13 December 1837, died 17 March 1914, son of Abraham Wicker and Elizabeth Kinard. Both buried St. Paul's Lutheran Church cemetery.
I. Emma Eliza Werts, born about 1839.
J. William Anderson Werts, born about 1841, married Caroline Shealy, born 12 May 1848, died 1 February 1873.
K. George Paul Werts, born June 1846, died 13 April 1934, married 24 December 1874, Ida Josephine Livingston, born 29 February 1856, died 27 September 1932, daughter of Levi Livingston and Frances Wicker. Both buried St. Paul's Lutheran Church cemetery.

VII. Christena Lever, born 11 June 1804, married 22 January 1822, Jacob Frick, born about 1797, son of Thomas Frick, III, and Elizabeth Counts.

A. Lavinia Frick, born 30 December 1826, died 3 February 1905. Did not marry. Buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church.
B. Samuel Jesse Frick, born 3 December 1829, died 7 May 1892, married Harriet S. Koon, born 31 March 1838, died 1 July 1909, daughter of John Koon and Annie Wessinger. Both buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church.
C. William D. Frick, born 3 December 1833, died 11 October 1901, married Nancy Boland, born about 1843, daughter of Joseph Boland and wife, Magdalene. Both buried Frick Cemetery.
D. Levi Archibald Frick, born 8 October 1839, died 7 March 1915, married Mary Jane Vansant, born 19 February 1847, died 2 June 1929, daughter of Isaiah Vansant and Nancy Addy. Both buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church.

VIII. Samuel Lever, born 9 March 1807.
IX. Sarah Lever, born 9 March 1809, married John Wade Harmon, born 9 March 1805, son of John Leonard Harmon and Rachel Busby.

A. Mary Ann Frances Harmon, born 26 September 1828, died 14 July 1923, married James Porter Stockman, born about 1821, son of John Peter Stockman and Catherine Dominick Hope.
B. William Simpson Harmon, born 6 June 1834, died 12 May 1865 (CSA), married Nancy Emanda Stockman, born 18 May 1836, died 2 October 1892, daughter of Col. John Henry Stockman and Mrs. Nancy Harmon Kinard
C. John Wade Pierce Harmon, born about 1836, died 29 August 1862 (2nd Battle of Manassas (CSA). Did not marry.
D. Wiley K. D. Harmon, born about 1839, died 12 May 1864, Battle of Spottsylvania C.H., VA (CSA).

X. Rosanna Lever, born 24 May 1811, married ___ Harmon.

A. Amanda Elizabeth Harmon, born 22 February 1831, died 7 January 1907, married
W. D. Cameron.
B. Maryan Caroline Harmon, born 29 September 1833, died 17 November 1872, married 3 August 1852, Jefferson Madison Taylor, born 1 January 1833, died 29 September 1904. Both buried Zion Methodist Church cemetery.
C. Susannah Harmon, born 29 December 1835/6, died September 1936, married Simon Peter Quattlebaum, born 18 April 1829, died 29 August 1862, 2nd Battle of Manassas (CSA), son of Joseph Quattlebaum and Nancy Threat.
D. Nancy Louise Harmon, born 29 December 1838/9, died 2 March 1926, married Arthur Pinckney Vaughn, born 1 October 1845, died 2 February 1926. Both buried Prosperity Cemetery.

XI. Mary (Polly) Lever, born 19 November 1814, married George Kunkle, born about 1809, son of Henry Kunkle, Sr. and wife Catherine.

A. John Harmon Kunkle, born December 1840.
B. William Lafayette Kunkle, born 9 January 1843.
C. Henry Melton Josiah Kunkle, born 20 September 1845, died 8 April 1917, married 22 December 1875, Permelia Ann Buzhardt, born 8 March 1850(?), died 22 March 1902, daughter of Henry Buzhardt and Mary Chapman. Both buried Colony Lutheran Church cemetery.
D. Catherine Kunkle, born about 1848.

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The graves of Elizabeth Wicker and John Wade Belton Lever. The obelisk in the center is their shared monument.