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William Henry Hale Long and Sarah Ann Dickert Long

Mary Permelia Long came to South Carolina from Ohio, according to some family members. She was born in 1796. Nothing is known of her parentage. She came to South Carolina and settled in the Stoney Battery section of Newberry County. Along with her came Nancy Long, born 1817. It is not clear whether Nancy was her daughter or her neice. I have heard both stories. One is that she is Permelia's daughter. Permelia who was not married was sent south to have her child out of wedlock. The other story is that Permelia was a widow according to one census. Both 'Mary' and 'Long' are such common names in her lifetime that her name may as well have been 'Joe Smith'.

Permelia DID have 2 sons. They were William Henry Hale Long(1835-1908) and John Wade Belton Long(1842-1860). William married Sarah Ann Dickert(1831-1915), daughter of Henry S. Dickert in 1859. They built the house below and started a family. Their children were as follows: Belton Riser (1860-1921), Louisa Permelia (1861-1922), William Henry (1865-1949), Nancy Elizabeth (1866-1883), Motte Gary (1868-1920), John Pope (1869-1871), Sallie (1871-1939), and Brady L. (1873-1954).

UPDATE:  After doing more and more research, I am now convinced more than ever that Permelia was NANCY's mother and that Nancy was the mother of William Henry Hale and John Wade Belton Long.  When looking at the burial patterns at the Bethel Cemetery where they all are buried, in the row with W. H. H. and Sarah Ann Long, Sarah's father, Henry Dickert, is buried right next to her. Buried next to W. H. H. on the other side is Nancy Long. Permelia is buried at the very far end of the row. Had she been W. H. H. 's mother, it is likely she would have been buried next to him instead of Nancy. Now, this being said, it also shows that W. H. H. and J. W. B. were half brothers to Nancy's two other children, George Adam and Susannah Cansada Long.  Looking at the photograph of George Adam below, and seeing the resemblance, I now believe the photo I have listed below as Permelia is actually Nancy Long.

The father of William Henry Hale and John Wade Belton Long is believed to be a man named Ben 'Lit' Schumpert. The father of George Adam and Susannah Cansada Long is believed to be John Wade Harmon. Harmon is listed in the Long household in 1880 as 'father' and since he is only about 12 years older than Nancy, it would not make sense that he was HER father. John Wade figures into my Lever line as his first wife was Sarah Lever. He also figures into my Connelly line as he is the son of John Leonard Harmon and the brother of Rachel Harmon, mother of John Attwood Connelly. 

UPDATE: Cansada Long married Wilson Holstein in the mid 1870's. He was about 40 years her senior and they were listed in the 1900 census living in Saluda County, South Carolina. Wilson's first wife was named South Carolina Norris. Wilson is buried in the Holstein Family Cemetery. Nothing more is yet known on Cansada after the 1900 census. (thanks to new-found cousin Cully Long for finding this info. He is the great great grandson of her brother, George Adam Long)


UPDATE December 2008: I received an email from a new-found cousin with some information on how Sarah Ann Dickert and William Henry Hale met. According to his sources, Sarah Ann was a seamstress and went from one community to another sewing for people. She would reside in the home of whoever needed her services until her work was complete. There was a party a home she was staying in that was located in the Zion Community. William was invited there to play the fiddle. They met at this party and later married. She was a small framed woman and was said to have very tiny feet. She went blind in her last days. (this was obtained from Gary Hipp who credits Eula Bedenbaugh as his source.)

The William Henry Hale Long homeplace. (Torn down in 1961)


Mary Permelia Long

(now believed to be Nancy Long)



William Henry Hale Long and Sarah Ann Dickert Long

Belton married Sallie Elmira Bouknight. Their children were: Lafuschia, Carvilla, Alousia Belle, Poteat, Leah, and Annis.

Louisa married John William Cameron. Their children were: Nolie, Chester, Nannie, Ollie, Glover, Sunnie, and Clyde.

William married Ida Elizabeth Baker. They had 10 children : Lila Ruth (1904-1989), William Wallace (1905-1905), Curtis Derieux (1906-1967), Furman Brady (1907-1973), Carrie Leila (1909-1995), Ashley Cody (1911-1944), Grace Addy (1912-1999), Ida Nell (1916-2000), Nan Elsie (1916-1996), and Hance Iradell (1918- ). Nan and Nell were twins.

Nancy died before marrying.

Motte was married to Nolie Emma Coleman. Their children were: Ona, Ruby, Robert, Mott Jr., Garvis, Wilbur, Donald, and Elliott.

John Pope drowned as a small boy in the spring next to the house.

Sallie married Tom Mills and had two children: Carroll and Lottie.

Brady never married.

Louisa Permelia Long Cameron- front left seated, and Belton Riser Long and Sallie Elmira Bouknight Long


Brady L., Sallie, Belton Riser, and Nancy Elizabeth Long.

The family of William Henry Long and Ida Elizabeth Baker have an annual reunion the third Sunday in August every year at Bethel Baptist Church, Prosperity, South Carolina.

Children of William Henry Long and Ida Elizabeth Baker:

Ruth(1904-1989) married L. L. Bowers(1894-1962). They had 2 daughters.

William(1905-1905) died as an infant.

Curtis(1906-1967) married Mary Rilla Shealy(1906-1998). They had 2 sons.

Furman(1907-1973) married Elizabeth King(1911-  ). They had one son.

Carrie(1909-1995) married William Williamson(1907-1946). No children.

Ashley(1911-1944) never married.

Grace(1912-1999) married Ronald Amick(1906-1989). No children.

Nell(1916-2000) married Clarence 'Red' Counts(1911-1999). They had 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Nan(1916-1996) married George Boland(1913-1979). They had 4 daughters.

Hance(1918-2008 ) married Christine Havird(1917-2003). No children.

George Adam and Dolly Long

(thanks to Cully Long for photo)

Long Brothers: LtoR  Belton Riser, Brady Lee (standing), Mott Gary, and William Henry.





Main Street Prosperity, SC and Prosperity Elementary School.



Town Square looking east,  Prosperity, SC , railroad depot, and Town Square looking west.