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Shealy Family 


Contributed by Carl W. Nichols

  The Shealy family came to South Carolina in 1752 from Unterhausen, then in the Duchy of Württemberg, now part of Lichtenstein, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  The Shealy family is traced back to Michael Schülin who lived in Unterhausen from the time of the Thirty Years War.  The surname is found in the record books of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Unterhausen as Schülin, Schiele, and Schielen.  Schüle is the present day spelling of the name in Germany.  Many descendants of Michael Schülin still live in the same area. 


Michael Schüle was married on 21 November 1645 in Unterhausen to Catharina Haak who was born in 1614 and died on 28 November 1689.  She was the daughter of Hironimi Haak.  Michael Schülin died in Unterhausen on 30 October 1711. 


Records of the Shealy family in Unterhausen were kindly provided by Siegbert Frick.




I. Hans Jerg Schülin (Court official and Judge in Unterhausen), born 12 December 1646, died 10 October 1712, married Anna Maria Hebin.  Family description is continued below.


II. Barbara Schülin, born 1647, died 30 August 1678, married 9 June 1675, Martin Reiff, born 25 February 1652, died 23 May 1717, son of Jakob Reiff and Anna Barbara Reiff (his cousin).  They lived in Unterhausen.


III. Anna Maria Schülin, born 28 December 1648. 


IV. Anna Maria Schülin, born 1 December 1652, died before 1694, married 11 October 1676, Israel Neubrander, born 19 June 1655, died 20 January 1736, son of Johannes Neubrander and wife Barbara.  They lived in Unterhausen.


V. Michael Schülin, born 27 April 1656, died 12 April 1722, married 2 June 1686, Christina Bader, born 16 June 1667, died 2 November 1742, daughter of Jeremias Bader and Barbara Zanger of Oberhausen.  They lived in Unterhausen.   




Hans Jerg Schülin (Court official and Judge in Unterhausen) was born on 12 December 1646 and died on 10 October 1712.  He was married on 16 June 1669 to Anna Maria Hebin, born 21 March 1648, died 22 September 1709, daughter of Hans Jakob Hebin (Inn Keeper) and Ursula Hirnlin of Unterhausen.




A. Anna Maria Schielin, born 18 March 1670, died 23 April 1741, married 29 May 1688 in Oberhausen, Jeremias Bader (Blacksmith), born 24 April 1665 in Oberhausen, died 8 October 1715, son of Jeremias Bader and Barbara Zanger.  They lived in Oberhausen.

B. Michael Schielin (Baker), born 22 January 1673, after 1744 and before 1755, married 7 May 1695, Agnes Bertsch, born 20 April 1677, died 18 February 1755, daughter of Ludwig Bertsch and Barbara Bley.  They lived in Unterhausen.

C. Unnamed Schielin, born/died 13 May 1677.

D. Ursula Schielin, born 11 April 1679, died 16 August 1746, married 7 February 1703, Balthasar Zanger (Wheelwright), born 12 March 1673 in Oberhausen, died 27 June 1743, son of David Zanger and Anna Reiff.  They lived in Unterhausen.

E. Catharina Schielin, born 8 June 1681, died 10 February 1750, married 24 October 1703 in Oberhausen, Balthas Reiff (Weaver), died 5 February 1716 in Oberhausen. They lived in Oberhausen.

F. Johannes Schiele, born 2 July 1685, died 29 October 1712, married as first husband, Anna Catharina Weber.  Family description is continued as follows. 




Johannes Schiele was born on 2 July 1685 and died on 29 October 1712.  He married Anna Catharina Weber.  They lived in Unterhausen.  After his death she remarried on 21 June 1713 to Johann Georg Epplin, born 18 February 1687 in Oberhausen, died 3 November 1727, son of George Epplin (Mayor and Court Official of Oberhausen) and Brigitta Bertsch.  Anna Catharina lived with her second husband in Oberhausen.  By her second marriage she had a son, Benjamin Epplin, born about 1723, who migrated to SC in 1752 with the family of his half-brother, Johannes Schiele.  His land grant was on Crims Creek adjacent the land grant of Johannes Schiele.




1. Johannes Schiele (Saddler), born 24 June 1711, married Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrman, widow of Matthäus Herrmann.   The family of Johannes Schiele migrated to SC in 1752 and settled on Crims Creek in the Dutch Fork near Little Mountain, SC.

2. Michael Schiele, born about 1713, died 1 January 1786, married 20 June 1737, Agnes Herrmann, born 12 February 1719, died 4 June 1771.  They lived in Unterhausen.




Johannes Schiele (a saddler by trade) was born on 24 June 1711 in Unterhausen, the son of Johannes Schiele and Anna Katharina Weber.  He was married on 3 June 1738 in Unterhausen to Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrmann, born 26 January 1716, daughter of Johann Wendel Haupter (School teacher and Linen weaver) and Ursula Christner, both of Holzelfingen.  Margaret Haupter was previously married on 21 July 1737 to Matthäus Herrmann, son of Johann Jakob Herrmann (Judge in Unterhausen).  By Matthäus Herrmann, she had one child, Anna Barbara, born 27 April 1738, who came to SC with her mother and step-father’s family.  In SC, Anna Barbara Herrmann married a German immigrant, Alexander Andrew Bowers. 


  Johannes Schiele brought his family to S.C., arriving at Charleston on the Caledonia in October 1752.  He obtained a 400 acre bounty grant on waters of Crims Creek, located on the north side of the town of Little Mountain, SC.  The children, according to the Council Journal, were Barbara, 14 years old; Elizabeth, 12; Ursula, about 9; Mary Ann, about 8; John Windle, about 7; and Margaret, about 6.  Johannes Schiele was dead by the year 1769 when his son, John Wendel Shealy, sold part of the grant as sole heir to the land by primogenitaire law (Newberry Deeds B-752).


  The widow, Maria Margaretha Schiele, lived until the year 1805.  The “Charleston Times” published an obituary excerpted from a letter written by Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallern. 


THE CHARLESTON TIMES, Issue of 28 November 1805

Extract of a letter from the Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallace (meaning Wallern), to Judge Watres, dated Dutch Fork, November 11, 1805.


  “On the third day of October last, I attended, in one of my congregations, the funeral of Mrs. Margaret Sheely, a native of Germany, and fifty three years a resident of this place.  She departed this life in the ninety-fifth year of her age; and had been a widow, these thirty years past.  She had in all nine children, and in the course of her good old age, the happiness of seeing fifty-nine grand children, one hundred and seventy-one great-grand children, and three great great grand children, besides those she never did see; all of them the issue of her only son and five daughters.”


  Seven of her children by Johannes Schiele are accounted for in the German record and she had a daughter by her previous marriage.  If Margareta Shiele had nine children there would have been an additional child born after arrival in SC.  Fifty nine of her grandchildren are accounted for.


  The Shealy family of South Carolina has been the subject of two genealogies.  Shealy Family 1752-1941, compiled by V. L. Fulmer, was published in 1941.  More recently an update of Fulmer’s genealogy has been compiled by Rev. George B. Shealy and published as a three volume set (Shealy Family, 1752-1992).   





I. Johannes Schiele, born 6 December 1739, died 17 December 1739.


II. Elizabeth Catharina Schiele, born 21 December 1740, died about 1785, was the wife of George Eichelberger, Sr.


III. Maria Ursula Schiele, born 25 January 1743, died after 1796, married 1) John Henry Koon; married

2) George Eigleberger, Sr. 


IV. Margaretha Schiele, born 24 October 1744, died 1830, married Martin Houk.


V. Johann Wendelin Schiele, born 7 December 1746, died about 1820, married Anna Mary Epting. 


VI. Maria Agnes Schiele, born 4 February 1749, was the wife of Johann Jacob Leitze. 


VII. Anna Maria Schiele, born 25 December 1750.  Believed to have died during the trip to America.


VIII. Mary Shealy, born about 1754, died about 1826, married 1) Christian Haupt;

       married 2) John Vonderlinder. 







  Elizabeth Catharina Schiele was born on 21 December 1740 and died about 1785.  She married Johann Georg Eichelberger, born 15 February 1730, died about 1805, son of Jakob Eichelberger and Appollonia Brecht.  George Eichelberger had come from Eschelbach, Baden, Germany, in 1752 and obtained bounty land on Crims Creek near St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.




A. John Eigleberger, born 21 January 1758, died 9 April 1827, first wife named Anna Barbara, born 13 August 1762; married 2) Mrs. Saloma (Sarah) Ruff Piester, died 25 September 1861, daughter of George Ruff, Sr. and widow of John Piester.

B. Maria Ursula Eigleberger, born 1 May 1760, died 25 October 1838, married 1) Jacob Stairley, born about 1756, died 2 March 1789, son of George Michael Stearle; married 2) Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallern, born 6 April 1759, died 6 October 1818.  Maria Ursula was originally buried near Crims Creek in family burial ground with her second husband; they were later moved to St. Paul‘s Lutheran Church cemetery, Pomaria, SC.

C. Margaret Eigleberger, born March 1762, died 3 February 1842, married Michael Rikard, born about 1763, died 2 May 1846, son of Peter Rikard, Sr. and wife Elizabeth.  Both buried Rikard Family cemetery, Newberry County, SC.

D. Susannah Eigleberger, born about 1764, died 25 April 1815, married 1) John Frederick Lagrone, died about 1790, son of Adolph Lagrone and wife, Ann Mary; married 2) Jacob Counts, born about 1771, died 14 April 1816, son of John Counts and wife, Elizabeth.  Susannah and Jacob are buried in the Counts Family cemetery, Pomaria, SC.

E. Elizabeth Eigleberger, born 8 August 1768, died 14 December 1835, married Capt. John Counts,  born about 1768, died 24 June 1847, brother of Jacob Counts.

F. Michael Eigleberger, born 21 October 1768, died 12 January 1813, married Rosannah Catherine Summer,  born 20 October 1782, died 20 September 1853, daughter of John Adam Summer and Mary Reese.  Rosannah Catherine remarried George Eigleberger, son of John Eigleberger and wife Anna Barbara.

G. Magdalene Eigleberger, born 1775, died after 1812, married John Frederick Shaffer, born 18 August 1774, died 24 October 1859, son of Frederick Shaffer and wife Elizabeth.  John Frederick Shaffer moved to Perry County, AL.

H. Christian Eigleberger, moved to Beaufort District, S.C.

I. George Eigleberger, Jr., died 1829.

J. Martin Eigleberger.




  Maria Ursula Schiele was born on 25 January 1743 and died sometime after 1796.  Maria Ursula Schiele was named for her maternal grandmother, Ursula Christner Haupter.  Her first husband was John Henry Koon, by whom there were 11 children.  She married, secondly, (her brother-in-law) George Eigleberger, Sr.  John Henry Koon is said to have been the son of Heinrich Kuhn and Regula Zöblej of Dielstorff, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.




A. Benjamin Koon, born 19 August 1761.

B. John Koon, born 14 November 1762, married Mary Sebe Thomas, daughter of Andrew Thomas and wife Maria Agnes.  In 1793, they were the God parents of John Monts, born 11 December 1793, son of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minick (SC Magazine of Ancestral Research X (1):11, 1982).

C. Henry Koon, born 8 February 1765, died in 1816, married Eve Catherine Epting, daughter of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black.

D. Elizabeth Koon, born 28 February 1767, said to have married a Lagrone.

E. Jacob Francis Koon, born 15 July 1770, died 29 September 1847, married Barbara Eargle, born 16 February 1771, died 9 November 1843, daughter of Michael Eargle and Magdalene Reister.  Both are buried in the Koon Family cemetery on the west bank of Bear Creek.   Their tombstones have been moved to Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery, Irmo, SC.

F. Rebecca Margaret Koon, born 21 July 1772, died 1849, married George Souter, son of Martin Souter and Anna Catherine Metts.

G. Mary Anna Koon, born 24 April 1774, said to have married a Mayer.

H. Adam Koon, born 9 October 1777.

I. John Wendel Koon, born 24 February 1780, is said to have married Barbara Summer, daughter of Henry Summer and Christina Dominick.

J. Katherine Koon, born 8 May 1782, married John Epting, born 1777, died 1820, son of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black. 

K. Martin Koon, born 3 July 1784, died after 1850, married Eve Christina Leitner Epting, daughter of Christian Leitner and widow of John Adam Epting, Jr.




   Margaretha Schiele was born on 24 October 1744 and died in 1830.  She married Martin Houck, a German settler who died about 1816.  They lived near Little Mountain.  The couple was childless.  In their old age their nephew, George Leitsey, lived with them and in 1798 Martin Houck made out a deed giving their land to George Leitsey for caring for them.  George Leitsey died before Margaret Houck, then in1834, the heirs of George Leitsey sued William Shealy, administrator of the estate of Margaret Houck, for title to the tract given their father in 1798 (Newberry Equities Box, 1834, Pkg. 13). Testimony contained in this case has been a useful information source for identifying the children of Johannes and Margaret Schiele in the historical records.




  Maria Agnes Schiele, born 4 February 1749, was most likely the wife of Johann Jacob Leitze, born 13 November 1748, died about May 1816, son of Jacob Leuze (Carpenter) and Anna Maria Schuler.  The Leuze family come to SC in 1749 from Eningen unter Achalm, a suburb of Reutlingen in the Duchy of Württemberg, and settled near Pomaria, SC.   




A. John David Leitzey, born about 1773, died July 1851, married Christiana Sligh, born about 1791, daughter of John Jacob Sligh and wife, Christina.

B. John Leitzey, born before 1774, died between 1816 and 1820.

C. George Leitzey, born 1774/84, died October 1816, married Mary Elizabeth Minick, born 1771/1784, died after 1832, daughter of George Bartholomew Minick and Mary Magdalena Summer.  After the death of George Leitzey she married, secondly, Andrew Caughman.

D. John Adam Leitzey, born 8 April 1779, died 24 June 1835 (Beaufort District, SC), married Rebecca Mole, born 15 April 1783, died 24 June 1839.

E. Mary Leitzey, born 1784/94, married George Bundrick who is believed to be a son of Johann Nicholas Bundrick.




  Mary Shealy who married Christian Haupt was most likely the ninth child of Margaretha Haupter Herrmann Schiele.  She was born about 1754 or 1755 and died about 1826.  She married 1) Christian Haupt who died about 1789 or 1790.  She later married 2) John Vonderlinder.  She lived with her husbands on the north side of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.  


  By Christian Haupt there were five children.  After the death of Christian Haupt Mary Shealy had an additional child, Mary Magdaline Haupt, born about 1792.  This child is believed to be her child by Jeremiah McDaniel.  Mary Magdaline Haupt married David Rinehart, son of Matthias Rinehart and Anna Margaret Lagrone, and they moved to Perry County, AL. 




A. Christian Haupt, Jr., born 21 January 1778, died February 1810, married 1) Christina Fellers, born 14 March 1777, died 15 July 1808, daughter of John Fellers; married 2) Catherine Dominick, born 5 May 1785, died 22 July 1860, daughter of Henry Dominick.

B. Margaret Haupt, born about 1782, married Andrew Rikard, born about 1770, died 1842, son of Lawrence Rikard and Anastasia Stoudemire.  They moved to Monroe County, AL.

C. Elizabeth Haupt, born about 1785, married 1) Jacob Barre, Jr., died about 1816, son of Jacob Barre, Sr. and Maria Christina Quattlebaum; married 2) Adam Witt.

D. Sophia A. Haupt, born about 1787, died 13 May 1858, married Rev. H. Martin Singley, born about 1781, died 12 January 1858, son of Jacob Singley and Martha Sibella Kinard.  Buried Singley Family cemetery.

E. Catharine Haupt, born about 1789, was the first wife of Andrew Nates.




  Johann Wendelin Schiele was born in Unterhausen, Germany, on 7 December 1746.  He was named for his maternal grandfather, Hans Wendel Haupter.  John Wendel Shealy is not found in the public records after 1818.  Old documents reveal that his wife was named Anna Mary.  According to Chapman’s Annals of Newberry, John Wendel Shealy married a Miss Epting.  Anna Maria Epting is believed to have been born in Germany, about 1747, the daughter of Johann Adam Hepding (Epting) and Christina Barbara Osiander.  The Epting family came to SC in 1749 on the Griffin and settled near St. John’s Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC. 


  In 1774 Wendel Shealy obtained a 100 acre bounty grant on Stephen’s branch of Camping Cr.  This land was adjacent the later survey for St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church land.  In 1818, Wendel Shealy and wife signed this bounty grant over to Adam Shealy, Jr. (V. L. Fulmer, Shealy Family, P. 78).  Adam Shealy, Jr. was a grandson of Wendel Shealy, being the son of John Jacob Shealy. 


  In 1794 Wendel Shealy obtained a 400 acre land grant on Wateree Branch of Camping Creek in Lexington County and is said to have lived on this tract.  What is now called R. B. Baker Road crosses the west side of the 400 acre grant. 




A. Adam Shealy, Sr. was born about 1768 and died in April 1851 (buried April 22).  He married Anna Mary Swittenberg, daughter of John Swittenberg and wife, Christina.  In 1791 he bought a 520 acre tract from John Adam Summer (B. H. Holcomb, Newberry Deeds Abstracts, Vol. I).  This land was at Little Mountain, SC, where his family at first lived.  Adam Shealy, Sr., later moved to the area near Union Lutheran

Church, Leesville, SC. 


Children of Adam Shealy, Sr. and Anna Mary Swittenberg:


1. Adam Shealy, Jr., born December 1788, died 1875 (87 yrs.), married Mary Caroline Catherine Monts, born about December 1784, died 1884 (99 yrs.), daughter of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minick.  They lived near Little Mountain, SC, until about 1845 when they moved to Red Bank, SC.  Adam Shealy, Jr. and wife are buried in a family cemetery in the Nazareth Lutheran Church area.

2. John Wendel Shealy, born 1796, married Elizabeth Jackson, born 1798, daughter of John Jackson (Lexington Deeds Q-267).

3. David Shealy, born 1799, died 1880, married Polly Hare.

4. Christener Shealy, born 31 March 1801, died 12 March 1881, married Dr. John Crout, born 14 November 1799, died 14 May 1884, son of Jacob Crout and Susanna Jackson.

5. Matthias Shealy, born 1802, married 1) Polly Fulmer; born about 1797, daughter of Abrahart Fulmer and Mary Susanna Summer; married 2) Barbara Risinger, born about 1800, daughter of Thomas Risinger and wife, Elizabeth.

6. Martin Shealy, born November 1803, died 7 October 1878, married 1) Rhoda Harris; married 2) Julia Ann Fulmer Moore, born 23 November 1823, died 12 March 1906, daughter of Eberhart Fulmer and Mary Ann Long.

7. Mary (Polly) Shealy, born 1804, died 1912, was the second wife of Jacob Crout, born 14 August 1774, died November 1853, son of Johannes Crout.

8. Michael Shealy, born 19 October 1806, died 20 March 1892, married Sarah Rawl, born 15 June 1815, died 11 July 1890, daughter of Frederick Rawl.

9. William Shealy, born 1808, married Barbary Hare.

10. Catherine Shealy, born 1810.  Did not marry.

11. Ephriam Shealy, born 10 November 1816, died 1855, married Achsa Snelgrove, born 5 March 1824, died 20 March 1905, daughter of Carey Snelgrove and Ruthy Richardson.


B. John Jacob Shealy was born 18 September 1770 and died 18 May 1841.  He married Christener Counts, born 15 November 1771, died 22 February 1857.  John Jacob Shealy and wife settled in the area that later became the town of Leesville. 


John Jacob Shealy came to own part of his father’s 400 acre land grant on Camping Creek . A 154 acre portion of the grant was sold in 1824 by John Shealy, Sr. to John Shealy, Jr. (B. H. Holcomb, “Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825”).


Children of John Jacob Shealy and Christener Counts:


1. John Ventle Shealy, born 1793, died 1841, married Eva Margareta Sease, born 1794, died 1870, daughter of John Mark Sease and Nancy Shirer.  Their family cemetery, now in Lake Murray, is located near the water’s edge on the 400 acre land grant of his grandfather, John Wendel Shealy.

2. Adam Shealy, born 1795, died January 1869, married Anna Nancy Corley, born 1793, died 1878.  In 1818, the 100 acre late Colonial bounty grant to Wendel Shealy, grandfather of Adam Shealy, was signed over to Adam Shealy by his grandparents, John Wendel and Ann Mary Shealy (V. L. Fulmer, Shealy Family, 1752-1941, P. 78). 

3. Jacob John Shealy, born 6 October 1800, died 1 April 1874, married 1) Mary Hallman, daughter of Andrew Hallman; married 2) ___ Williams.

4. David C. Shealy, born 14 September 1802, died 29 January 1884, married 1 May 1823, Nancy Woolley, born 2 April 1805, died 9 January 1883, daughter of Rezin Woolley and Elizabeth Bates.

5. Mary Shealy, born 1805, married Daniel Caughman, born 1800, died about 1865, son of Andrew Caughman and Anna Mary Derrick.

6. George Washington Shealy, born 23 June 1806, died 2 November 1890, married 7 March 1830, Margaret Martha Williams, born 2 January 1812, died 29 June 1891.  After 1830, they moved to Chambers County, AL.

7. Andrew Shealy, born 1808, married Sarah (Sallie) Hartley, born about 1828, daughter of Willis Hartley (Lexington Genealogical Exchange V, p. 14).

8. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Shealy, born 10 November 1809, died 24 June 1876, married Samuel Derrick, born 21 December 1801, died 15 November 1855, son of Thomas Derrick and Catherine Monts.  They are buried in the Samuel Derrick Family cemetery near Leesville, SC.

9. Catherine Shealy, born 4 August 1811, died 18 January 1897, married 27 December 1834, George Sawyer, born 21 September 1797, died 28 January 1861, son of John Sawyer and Lydia Fort.

10. Elizabeth Shealy, born 1 February 1813, died 27 June 1857, married Lewis B. Derrick, born 1 November 1811, died 27 April 1854, son of Thomas Derrick and Catherine Monts.  They are buried at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church cemetery, Johnston, SC.

11. Jesse Sheal;y, born 5 December 1815, died 15 July 1838.  Did not marry.  After 1830 he moved to Chambers County, AL.


C. Martin Shealy, born about 1774, died about 1816, married 1802, Maria Christina Quattlebaum Barre, born about 1770, died about 1815, daughter of Matthias Quattlebaum and Rachel Derrin and widow of Jacob Barre, Sr.  Martin Shealy lived on waters of Crims Creek near Little Mountain, SC.


Children of Martin Shealy and Maria Christina Quattlebaum Barre:


1. David Shealy, born about 1804, married Eve Margaret Leitzey, daughter of George Leitzey and Mary Elizabeth Minick.

2. Henry Shealy, died young.

3. Levi Shealy, died 1813.

4. William Shealy, born about 1806.


D. Matthias Shealy, born about 1776, died about 1845.  In 1818 Mathias Sheeley (wife Margaret), sold land on Crims Creek to George Long (Rosalyn Summer Sease Indenture collection, Caroliniana Library).  In 1820, he obtained land near St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church on Wateree Creek.  Before 1830 he moved to the Rocky Creek area of Edgefield (Saluda County) District, near the Lexington County line.


Children of Matthias Shealy and wife Margaret:


1. Henry Shealy, born 1797, died November 1839.  Did not marry.

2. John Shealy, wife named Christina. 

3. Eve Margaret Shealy, born 1802, died 5 September 1845, married George Leitzey, Jr., died October 1828, son of George Leitzey and Mary Elizabeth Minick.  They lived in Edgefield (Saluda County) District.

4. Mary Ann (Polly) Shealy, born 18 February 1807, died 6 May 1852, married Jacob Adam Long, born 4 June 1798, died 27 October 1852, son of John Thomas Long and Mary Magdalene.Minick.  They are buried in Long Cemetery #1 near Prosperity, SC.

5. Mary Catherine Shealy, born 8 September 1808, died 11 September 1855 (buried Riser’s Chapel Cemetery, Talladega County, AL), married Abraham Rinehart, born 1806, died 20 January 1880, son of John Rinehart, Sr. and Gertraud Quattlebaum.  About 1845, they moved to Talladega County, AL and, after the death of Mary Catherine Shealy, some of the family moved to Perry County.

6. William Shealy, born 10 June 1812, died 12 June 1891, married 1) ___ Dawkins; married 2) Lydia E. Snelgrove, born 1822, died 1901, daughter of Carey Snelgrove and Ruthy Richardson.  Moved to FL.  Buried in Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery, Lake City, FL.

7. Sarah Shealy, born about 1815, married (as second wife) Thomas Harris, born about 1805.  They lived in Edgefield (Saluda County) District.

8. Anna Shealy, married John Jennings.


E. Hon Windle Shealy, born about 1778, died about 1842, married Mary Ann Wertz, daughter of John Wertz and Ann Catherine Hair.  A 109 acre land grant of 1811 to John Windle Shealy is located on the southeast side of the town of Little Mountain.  On this tract the family of Hon Windle Shealy lived and are buried in a family cemetery. 


Children of Hon Windle Shealy and Mary Ann Wertz:


1. Mary Catherine (Katie) Shealy, born March 1804, died 10 March 1853, married James Ballentine, born 2 January 1797, died 7 February 1856, son of William Ballentine, Jr. and Mary Ridlehoover.  They are buried in the Ballentine Family Cemetery, Lexington County, SC.

2. Rev. David Shealy, born 11 October 1807, died 14 February 1879, married Sallie Lindler, born 1 September 1807, died 10 February 1886, daughter of George Lindler and Ragenae Lucas.  They are buried in Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church Cemetery, Spring Hill.

3. Joseph Shealy, born 1811, married Mary Magdalene (Polly) Bright, born about 1818.

4. John Shealy, born 2 December 1813, died 30 August 1893, married Susannah M. Epting, born 18 April 1819, died 31 May 1898, daughter of George Epting and Mary Margaret Sligh.  They are buried in Bethel Lutheran Church cemetery, White Rock, SC.

5. Mary Magdalena (Polly) Shealy, married (as second wife) Adam Stoudemire, born about 1799, died 1867, son of George Stoudenmeyer and wife, Anna Margaret.

6. Mary Ann Elizabeth (Betsy) Shealy, born 9 April 1822, died 16 August 1904, married George Ballentine, born 17 August 1816, died 26 November 1896, son of William Ballentine, Jr. and Anna Rosanna Ridlehoover.  They are buried in the Bouknight-Ballentine Cemetery, Lexington County.


F. Henry Shealy, born about 1780, died February 1828, married Elizabeth Kinard, daughter of Michael Kinard, Sr. and Catherine Swittenberg.  Henry Shealy had land southeast of Prosperity on waters of Buffalo Creek.  In 1804 he obtained a 199 acre grant in the neighborhood of St. Peter’s Piney Woods Church.  He made will 8 February 1828, proven 25 February 1828 (Newberry Wills L-293).


Children of Henry Shealy and Elizabeth Kinard:


1. Henry Shealy, Jr., born 30 October 1800, died 1 March 1842, married Sarah H. Cureton, born 8 February 1812, died 31 May 1862, daughter of Daniel Cureton and Cabella Matthews.  His cemetery is now under Lake Murray.  A memorial marker for him was placed in Prosperity Cemetery at the request of descendants.

2. Elizabeth Shealy, born 2 December 1802, died 26 January 1882, married John Simon Wheeler, born 30 May 1791, died 26 January 1871, son of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy.  They are buried in St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church Cemetery.

3. Mary A. Elizabeth Shealy, born 16 September 1807, died 22 June 1885, married (as second wife) George Wise, born 3 May 1801, died 5 October 1877, son of John Wise and Anna Mary Kelly.

4. Michael E. Shealy, born 30 April 1813, died 17 July 1874, married 1) Mary Margaret Wise, born 13 December 1817, died about 1866, daughter of John Wise and Anna Mary Kelly; married 2) Mary Elizabeth Wise Derrick, born about 1824, daughter of George Wise and Mary Roberts and widow of Jacob J. Derrick.

5. Eve Margaret Shealy, born 15 August 1816, died 24 February 1864, married Aaron Moses Dominick, born 15 August 1820, died 29 October 1888, son of George Dominick and Mary (Polly) Mock.  They are buried in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Saluda County, SC.

6. Nancy Caroline Shealy, born 11 January 1823, died 9 March 1893, married Frederick Derrick, born 11 March 1816, died 15 September 1851, son of Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller.  They are buried in Macedonia Lutheran Church cemetery.


G. David Shealy, born about 1783, died after 1850, married Mary Elizabeth Wertz, born about 1788, died after 1860, daughter of George Henry Wertz and Molly Singley.  David Shealy owned much of the John Shely bounty grant which he received by way of deeds from his father, John Wendel Shealy (Newberry Deeds I-290 and K-382).  He probably lived at first on the John Shely bounty grant but later lived at what is now the town of Little Mountain on land bounding on the Shealy bounty grant. 


Children of David Shealy and Mary Elizabeth Wertz:


1. David Thomas Shealy, born 1806, died after 1880, married Lucinda Brown, daughter of Thomas Brown and Frances Wallace.  By 1835, they had moved to Chambers (later Lee) County, AL.

2. Mary Shealy, born 1808, died 13 September 1882, married William Monts, born about 1803, died 12 December 1888, son of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minick.  Both are buried in the William Monts cemetery near Little Mountain, SC.

3. Elizabeth Shealy, born 22 August 1812, died 20 December 1891, married Michael Duncan, born about 1815, died after 1850.  Elizabeth is buried at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.

4. Christener Shealy, born about 1815, married William M. Shealy, born about 1811, son of Adam Shealy, Jr. and Mary Caroline Catherine Monts.  They lived in the Nazareth Lutheran Church area, Lexington County, SC.

5. Maj. Samuel (Sam) Sheely, born 1 March 1816, died 17 September 1872, married Annie Fulmer, born 31 May 1819, died 4 September 1890, daughter of John Adam Fulmer and Sallie Riddlehoover.  The family cemetery of Maj. Sam Shealy is located at Little Mountain on the land grant of Ursula Shealy. 


H. Christina Shealy, died 17 November 1839, married Jacob Schumpert, son of John Peter Schumpert and Mary Elizabeth Shafer.


Children of Jacob Schumpert and Christina Shealy:


1. Christina Schumpert, born 20 August 1800, died 23 August 1853, married John Frederick Paysinger.

2. Elizabeth Schumpert, born about 1808, married Kinard Boyd.

3. Mary Schumpert, born 29 September 1809, died 26 July 1875, married Joseph Goodwin Conwill.

4. George Adam Schumpert, born 23 January 1812, died 7 December 1885, married 1) Naomi Bickley, born 13 April 1824, died 3 June 1850, daughter of John Bickley and Rachel Nichols; married 2) 26 September 1850, Mary Elizabeth Boyd, born 12 January 1821, died October 1878, daughter of Rev. Joshua Boyd and Elizabeth Tygart.

5. Sarah Schumpert, born 13 November 1813, died 13 January 1898, married 1) 12 February 1835, Peter Whitman; married 2) David Werts, born 5 January 1792, died 2 August 1867, son of George Henry Werts and Molly Singley.  All three buried in Werts cemetery #1.

6. Lucinda Harrison Schumpert, born about 1817, married Thomas Carson.

7. John Schumpert, born 27 February 1818, died 22 June 1877, married Eliza Kibler, born 2 January 1822, died 6 November 1870, daughter of John Kibler, Jr. and Mary Margaret Summer. 

8. Samuel Schumpert, born about 1820, died about 1880, married Elizabeth J. Senn (?), born about 1822.

9. John Peter Schumpert, born 14 April 1821, died 1 March 1865, CSA, Petersburg, VA, married 1 December 1842, Elizabeth Newberry Livingston, born 22 June 1819, died September 1901, daughter of Daniel Livingston and Karen Happock Smith.

10. Permelia A. Schumpert, born 4 February 1823, died 12 August 1877, married Luke Middleton Smith.

11. Jacob J. Schumpert, born 4 May 1824, died 13 June 1889, married Sarah (Sallie) E. Carson.


I. Margaret Anastasia Shealy is said to have been born about 1786 and to have married John Fulmer.  She was probably the second wife of John William Fulmer who died before 1814.  John William Fulmer was the son of Capt. Jacob Fulmer and Maria Agnes (Nancy) Leitzey.  Land being in the estate of John William Fulmer was sold in 1814 by the Sheriff at the petition of Anasticca Fulmer (B. H. Holcomb, Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825).   Before 1818 Margaret Shealy Fulmer married Theophilus Wilson and moved to Fairfield District, SC.


Children of John William Fulmer and Margaret Shealy:


1. Lucy Ann Fulmer, born about 1809.

2. John William Fulmer, Jr., born about 1811, married a daughter of William Holman.


J. William Shealy, born about 1787, died 5 March 1868, married Mary Magdalena (Polly) Wertz, born about 1787, died 1877, sister of Mary Ann Wertz who married John Wendel Shealy, Jr.  They are buried in the Shealy-Hipp-Ramage Cemetery near Little Mountain, SC.


Children of William Shealy and Mary Magdalena Wertz:


1. John George Shealy, born 30 August 1815, died 16 January 1892, married 1 November 1838, Catherine Boland, born 4 December 1817, died 20 February 1889, daughter of Abraham Boland and Eve Christena Sease.

2. Nancy Shealy, born 14 February 1818, died 8 November 1891, married William (Billy Batch) Ballentine, born 15 June 1812, died 26 April 1891, son of William Ballentine, Jr. and Anna Rosanna Ridlehoover.

3. John Andrew Shealy, born 15 July 1820, died 16 December 1889, married 10 May 1840, Mary Caroline Sease, born 13 January 1821, daughter of John C. Sease and Christena Barbary Lowman.

4. Daniel Shealy, born 1822, died CSA, married 20 March 1845, Rosannah Frick, born 13 April 1823, died 7 May 1904, daughter of Thomas Frick, IV, and Elizabeth (Becky) Ballentine.

5. John Thomas Shealy, born 20 June 1825, died 10 December 1861, married 1) Martha Fulmer, born 14 May 1833, died 9 July 1856, daughter of Jonathan H. Fulmer and Mary Magdalena Hipp; married 2) Catherine Elizabeth Metts Long, born 25 February 1828, died 14 February 1912, daughter of John Metts and Catherine Kinard and widow of Jacob Long, Jr.

6. Catherine Shealy, born 18 December 1827, died 11 November 1903, married 1) John Hipp; married

2) James Edward Ramage, born 7 November 1819, died after 1877, son of John Ramage and Lucy Kelly Henderson.  Buried with second husband in the Sheely-Hipp-Ramage Cemetery.

7. Martha (Mack) Shealy, born about 1833, married 1) George M. Hartman, born about 1834, son of John Hartman and Eve Margaret Minick; married 2) Gilliam George.


K.  Catherine Shealy, married Matthias Quattlebaum, Jr., born about 1776, died about 1860, brother of Maria Christina Quattlebaum.  They settled near Leesville, SC.


Children of Matthias Quattlebaum, Jr. and Catherine Shealy:


1. Polly Quattlebaum, born 9 October 1808, died 4 April 1888, married John W. Cully, born about 1795.

2. Sarah Quattlebaum, born about 1810, married Washington (Wash) Spradley, born about 1795.

3. Daniel Quattlebaum, born 1810/1811, died January 1887, married Sophia A. Lovelace, born 1819, daughter of John C. Lovelace and Priscilla Hartley.

4. Emanuel (Poss) Quattlebaum, born 25 September 1812, died 29 January 1888, married 25 January 1838, Sarah Martha Johnston, born 9 February 1819, died 4 March 1899, daughter of Rev. John Knox Johnston.

5. Mary Quattlebaum, born 1819, married John Long.

6. William Joseph Quattlebaum, born about 1820, died 1847, married Epsey Jordan.

7. John (Buck) Quattlebaum, born 1822, died April 1863, married Mary Ann Cullum, born 15 January 1824, died 9 December 1916, daughter of John Pickens Cullum and Mary (Polly) Jones..

8. Elizabeth (Betsey) Quattlebaum, born about 1825, married Wesley G. Prater, born about 1816, died 1870, son of Hezekiah Prater and Eleanor Hartley.

9. Martha Quattlebaum, born 9 August 1826, died 18 November 1893, married John Rinehart, III, born 8 November 1820, died 2 September 1900, son of John Rinehart, Jr. and Sarah Kinard.  They lived in Saluda County, SC.

10. Louisa Catherine Quattlebaum, born 14 September 1828, died 8 February 1893, married Joshua W. Gunter, born 1825, son of Rivers Gunter and Priscilla Hartley.

11. Caroline Quattlebaum, born about 1831, married ___ Day.


L. Andrew W. Shealy, born 15 August 1794, died 4 August 1856, married Sarah Sawyer, born about 1790.  Andrew Shealy may have lived at first on the 400 acre land grant of his father in the Macedonia Lutheran Church community.  In 1816 John Windle Shealy sold 200 acres of land on waters of Saluda to Andrew Shealy and in 1821 Andrew Shealy bought land from Matthias Quattlebaum (B. H. Holcomb, Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825).


About 1835 the family of Andrew Shealy moved to Macon County, GA.  Andrew Shealy made will in 1856 naming children and grandchildren by deceased daughter, Lydia Kleckley.  Andrew Shealy’s family was described by Dr. Leonard E. Shealy in  “History of Macon Co., GA” by Louisa Frederick Hays (1932).


Children of Andrew Shealy and Sarah Sawyer:


1. William Shealy, born about 1820, died 1879, married Elizabeth Higgins.  They are buried in the Shealy family cemetery, Macon County, GA.

2. John W. Shealy, born about 1822, married Nancy Eliza Whigham.

3. Mary Shealy, born about 1824, married Calvin D. Summerlin, born about 1814 (NC).

4. Lydia Shealy, born 7 May 1825, died 27 September 1852, married Daniel Kleckley, born 11 May 1817, died 24 July 1873, son of Rev. Jacob Kleckley and Christina Coogler.

5. Andrew Epting (App) Shealy, born 1827, died September 1864, married Sarah D. Adams, born 1830.   They are buried in the Shealy family cemetery, Macon County, GA.

6. Henry Arthur Shealy, born 7 October 1829, died 15 August 1852.  Buried Shealy family cemetery, Macon County, GA.

7. George C. Shealy, born about 1832, died 17 January 1863, Chimborazo Hospital, No. 2, Richmond, VA (CSA), married Lizzie Wadsworth. 

8. Martin Luther Shealy, born about 1838, died 1 October 1890, married four times having children by at least three wives.  His wives were: 1) Martha Lou Adams, daughter of Ezekial H. Adams and Martha Ruskin; 2) Mattie Smith; 3) Mary Lamb; and 4) Louisa James.



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