The Stribbles
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Paul Washington Strebol (1836-1921) was born in Switzerland and migrated to Germany. His wife, Roseanna Louise ? (1842-1924) was also born in Switzerland. They immigrated to the United States in 1873. They left Germany while Roseanna was pregnant with their son, Paul Washington Stribble, Jr. He was born at sea on New Year's Day, 1873. Since Paul was born at sea, he had dual citizenship. His birth certificate was issued in Batweiller, Germany and his place of birth was listed as Newfoundland, Canada. Paul Sr. and Lou, as she was known, moved south into South Carolina and settled in Lexington County. Here, their family grew. An unnamed daughter was born and died in 1879. Triplets Frank, George, and Jimmy were all born in 1887. Another daughter, Minnie was born and died in 1892. Frank's death date is not known. Jimmy died in 1911. George in 1964.

The graves of Roseanna Louisa Stribble, Jimmy Stribble, Minnie Stribble, and Paul Washington Stribble, Sr. All buried at St. Jacob's Lutheran Church in Chapin, South Carolina

Paul Washington Stribble, Jr. (1873-1960) married Martha Louvenia Bundrick (1878-1926). They had 12 children: Hubert Washington (1893-1966), Arthur Bryant Seawell (1895-1974), Roseabelle Louise (1898-1900), Zula Odella (1902-1992), Monroe (1905-1905), Norma Lever (1906-1980), Jimmy Alder (1908-2001), John Henry Melvin (1911-1930), Pearl Marie (1914- ), an unnamed son (1917-1917), Paul Ruth (1919- ), and Maggie Lee (1922-1973).

Paul Sr., Lou, Jimmy, Frank, and Minnie are all buried at St. Jacob's Lutheran Church in Chapin, South Carolina. Paul Jr., Martha, Hubert, Zula, Monroe, Melvin, and Maggie Lee are all buried at Rosemont Cemetery in Newberry, South Carolina. Jimmy and Bryant are buried in Newberry Memorial Gardens. The unnamed son and Roseabelle are buried at Caper's Chapel United Methodist Church in Newberry, South Carolina.

Martha Bundrick Stribble worked for a funeral home dressing bodies and doing the hair of the corpses. She also, along with a few of the other women in the Mollohon  Mill Village of Newberry, sewed the linings for the home made coffins of babies. She died in 1926 of breast cancer. After her death, Paul, Jr. married her step sister, Emma Carrie Koon Miller. Emma died in 1962.


John Henry Melvin Stribble 'Cliff', his tombstone and a picture of his grave.


Herbert Stribble as a boy and his tombstone.

Jimmy Alder, Maggie Lee, Marie & Maggie, and Pearl Marie Stribble.


Paul Washington Stribble, Jr. and three different pictures of Zula Odella Stribble Fuller.



Graves of Martha Louvenia Bundrick Stribble and Paul Washington Stribble, Jr.




Martha Stribble's grave and the hearse carrying her body.

Grave of Paul Washington Stribble, Jr.