W.H.H Long Will
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State of South Carolina

Newberry County


I William H. Long being of sound mind and boddy (sic) do make this my last will and testament.

First I and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Long after my death all of my real estate and personal property during her natural life.

Second I will that if I have not given my son Brady Long one horse at my death that my beloved wife shall give my son Brady one horse out of my estate worth one hundred dollars or one hundred dollars in cash.

Third I will that after my wife Sarah Long death that my real estate to be divided equally between my six children vis (sic) Belton R Long Lou Cameron now the wife of John Cameron Willie H. Long Motte Long Sallie Long and Brady Long by three disinterested persons to appraise and price of land and if any difference the children to pay to each other the difference in the division of land, so appraised.

I will that all the land divided among my six children mentioned in the above clause to be entail (sic) to my children and their children after their death. If any of my children should die without heirs their part of to be sold and equally divided between my children.

I will that if I have not given my daughter Sallie Long one milk cow before my death that my wife Sarah Long giver my daughter Sallie Long one milk cow out of my estate.

Witness my hand and seal in the present (sic) this November 21st 1891.


JL Wise                                                                                                        W H Long (mark)

SA Long

PE Wise