Where Everyone Came From or Ended Up


The Stibbles came from Switzerland via Germany

The Amicks, Bundricks, Levers, Shealys, Derricks, Dickerts, and Fricks were among those immigrating from Germany.  Most came here between 1745 and 1760.

The Fullers came into the Colonies via Virginia. They moved south into North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Lousiana, and Texas.

The Fullers came via England, mainly the Isle of Wight. The Lesters, Hawkins, and Longs also came via England.

The Bakers came via the Netherlands (Holland)and England. They entered the Colonies via Charleston and were in Georgetown for a short while before coming to the Orangburgh District (before that was known as the Granville District).

The Fullers and Bundricks migrated to Alabama

The Fullers made substantial settlements in Georgia during the Cherokee Land Lotteries, aka the Trail Of Tears.

   Some of the Fullers settled in Lousiana en route to Texas.

The Fullers also had links to prominent families in Maryland. The Ducketts and Fowlers also came to SC via Maryland.

Many Amicks settled in Mississippi.

The first stop for the Fullers after leaving Virginia was North Carolina   

ALL my branches are tied to South Carolina in one way or another.

The Fullers made their way west and many settled in Texas. Amicks also went there after the war when Texas was in it's infancy.

The Connellys, Dennis' and Ducketts came from Ireland and are of Scots-Irish descent.

The Bundricks entered the Colonies in Pennsylvania and worked their way south, settling in Maryland, and North Carolina before moving into South Carolina, Georgia and finally Alabama.